Donnerstag, Mai 10, 2007


I went to Kate's blog and was tagged with this meme. You, too, are now tagged. Please leave me a comment with a link to your blog if you post your answers, or just answer in a comment.

Write seven statements about yourself.

My Seven Statements (and some explication thereof)

1. Classical music is really important to me. I was really happy when my son decided to play music and teach it in school instead of becoming a dentist. Some people think this is weird. Paul is one of them.

2. I especially like music from the far ends of the spectrum, i.e. early music (before 1700) and new music (after 1900), although I also really love Mozart, Bach and Brahms. I play in an early music ensemble on harps and recorders.

3. I have an addictive personality. I am addicted to knitting, reading, eating, TiVo, and computer use. If I used alcohol or mind-warping drugs I would be addicted to those, too, so I stay away from them. The addictions fluctuate. Knitting replaced sewing as the fiber-based addiction of choice about ten years ago, and I have pretty much unaddicted myself from computer games. You can listen to a book on tape or watch TV while you knit, but I have not figured out how to play computer games while knitting.

4. I am afflicted with anxiety; right now I am dealing with it by simplifying my life as much as possible for one year, but I am hoping to develop strategies to defuse the anxiety so I can get back to my normal life after that.

5. I have a really great family, stretching in all directions. My brother and sisters are all good friends to me, and so are my six kids, all of whom are talented and smart and fun to spend time with. Their spouses are terrific, too. I am not making this up. To top it off I have 8 3/4 astonishingly wonderful grandchildren. They are trying to teach me how to play, but it's difficult for me if the toys are not string-related.

6. I grew up on an Idaho ranch adjacent to the Challis National Forest with no one my age to play with. I spent all my time practicing the piano (to get out of doing chores), reading in a tree or under the bed (still avoiding chores), or riding a horse out somewhere in the sagebrush (the ultimate way to avoid chores). I still need a fair amount of solitude; it got pretty firmly ingrained; and I still avoid chores.

7. When people tell me I should do something, I immediately feel compelled to do the exact opposite (and often do). This is even true when I am the person telling myself what I should do. This makes it difficult to be really productive and successful in life, but I am working on it.

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