Donnerstag, Mai 31, 2007

Summer Goals

Sheri and Terri are sharing their goals for the summer. It made me realize that I should codify mine, if I have any.

Of course Sheri accompanied her goals with a lot of stash photos. C'mon, Terri, let's see it!

I was actually able to codify three goals.

  • Numero Uno

  • Learn how to lose weight using Weight Watcher's Core Plan. I know how to do it with regular Weight Watchers, but my doctor strongly suggested I switch to Core because of the diabetes scare.*

  • Numero Dos

  • Learn how to defuse anxiety. I printed out some hints for stress-reduction from the Weight Watcher's website, but didn't have time to read them. Maybe I haven't simplified my life enough.

  • Numero Tres

  • Make sure it's actually Paul on the phone when I get a call-back after paging him. It's really embarrassing to answer, "Hey, Pollywoggy," only to have a surgical nurse say, "He's scrubbed."

    Those are all the goals I have.

    There are a lot of things I should do, such as get the deadly nightshade out of the rose bushes.

    There are a lot of things I want to do, mainly knitting.

    I think I'll just let those things be freeform and happen as they may.

    As far as the free-form stuff goes, here is a project-in-the-queue photo:

    Grandma's Flower Garden STR, a lot less purple than it appears on the website

    A stash-I-couldn't-stand-to-take-downstairs photo:**

    A lot of STR, plus a fair amount of sock and laceweight yarns from Loopy Ewe; a few indie dyers

    And a grandkid project I forgot about because it was in the bookcase and not the closet (sorry for the fuzzy photo, but you get the idea, right?):

    Rowan All Seasons Cotton colorway 209 for two Very Berry T-s

    *My A1C was 5.9 in February. 6.0 and over indicates diabetes.

    ** That empty space is where my bag full of early music instruments goes; it's not open to stash.


    Lynn hat gesagt…

    As far as defusing anxiety goes, I'm still working on that one, but I find my day goes better if I "take 5": one thing that is spiritual, one thing where I identify an emotion that I'm feeling or have felt, one thing that is physical, and one thing that is social. And it has to be a different thing every day. The fifth thing is a freebie.

    It helps me to stay in balance. So I might have some amazing insight while reading my scriptures that's relevant to current events in my life, and I write it in my journal. That checks off the spiritual box. And I might recognize that I am feeling cranky because one of the kids only gets in touch when she needs or wants something and I just got one of *those* calls. The physical thing could be anything from "I really like my eyes; they're pretty" to straightening out the linen closet to spending half an hour at the pool or on the recumbent bike, because all three are things that pertain to the physical world. And the social is something that builds connection with another; could be visiting teaching, could be calling a friend who's grieving, could be hopping in the car with LittleBit and going for snowcones. The fifth thing is generally knitting, but the "can't repeat" rule doesn't count because it's a freebie, LOL.

    And if I say something tacky about myself, to myself or to somebody else, I have to follow it with five positive things, quickly. Which on some days induces a greater level of anxiety, LOL.

    I finished a brief course of counseling earlier this year, and it really helped. Now I can tell when I'm getting out of balance before I'm totally overwhelmed, and I have a bunch of shiny new tools to get back in balance again.

    Hope that you find just the right tools for your personality and spirit and situation. And while you're searching, thank Heaven for knitting!

    Laritza hat gesagt…

    You made me laugh with the pager story. That is too funny! and I know it happens more often than not. I have one goal and that is get over next week. Then life will be kind of sorta life again. Wish me luck.

    Margene hat gesagt…

    I love the space you have for your instruments. It shows you have a diverse and interesting life;-)

    Joanne hat gesagt…

    Good Luck!!! Lists are good, public lists might be even better! :) Maybe I'll take the initiative as well :)

    Stilaholic Nartian knits hat gesagt…

    Ah, I was hoping Grandma's Flower Garden was indeed as purple as the bigger BMFA pic. Looks more like the reskeined thumbnail now.

    Terri hat gesagt…

    Pollywoggy! That is hilarius.

    5.9? Keep trying. Both of my parents have Diabetes. Step-Father is Type 1, Mom Type 2. I will send good thoughts your way so that you do not have to go through it all.

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