Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2007

Remembering Patty

Patty Armistead, who worked at The Needlepoint Joint in Ogden, Utah for many years, passed away Monday night due to an aneurism.

My first introduction to Patty came about when I walked up to the counter at the Joint and asked if they had a copy of The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt. The book was all the rage on the Knitlist just then, and out of print. I had to have one. The woman behind the counter at the Joint, a tall woman with very curly hair, said she thought there was one. She disappeared down the stairs, and came back with it in minutes. That was Patty. She remembered every book, and usually knew right where they were.

Once I started working at the Joint, Patty and I became partners in book-stash enhancment. One of the distributors, Lacis, requires that shops order at least two of any book. This can be a problem if it's an expensive book on historic needlework that not many customers will want. Patty went right ahead and ordered the books she wanted, knowing that I would always pick up the other copy. Be it The Medieval Tailor's Assistant or The Tudor Housewife, we went for them.

Patty knew everything about needlepoint and knitting, but you had to ask. She wasn't going to sit around and pontificate. We heard a lot about Dave and his tractor collection, though; and the grandchildren. Patty insisted that babysitting wasn't her job, but she was crazy about her grandchildren. I remember meeting Emma, who inherited the curly hair, and her baby brother; and of course, Sue's boys, who live closer. The last time I saw Patty, just after Christmas, she proudly told me that the family had managed Thanksgiving dinner WITH a tablecloth this year. The boys must be growing up.

I saw Patty only occasionally after I stopped working at the Joint. Still, when I went in to shop I often found a book on her desk with my name on it.

Patty, I will think about you every time I look at my book collection, or stop by the office at The Needlepoint Joint. I'm so glad I ran back into the shop to say goodbye after putting my purchases in the car that night in December. I didn't realize it would be forever.


Tola hat gesagt…

Not sure if I ever met Patty or not, as I've only been to The Joint maybe three times. But from what you said, it looks as though we have lost a wonderful person. I send my condolences along to you, and all others who knew Patty.

Kerry hat gesagt…

What a sweet remembrance. It is all any of us could wish for ourselves.

Margene hat gesagt…

Patty was so sweet and helped me numerous times! She will be missed...what a lady.

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