Freitag, Mai 25, 2007

Not sure what this post is about

After going on and on about Audible yesterday, I listened to podcasts all day instead. Hey, the best things in life are free, right? Isn't the new KnitPicks podcast great! While listening to podcasts I made my favorite granola.

This is my almost-diabetic-diet creation. It's sweetened with fruit juice concentrate. The recipe is here in case you're interested. It's really good mixed with fresh fruit and plain yogurt, with a little Splenda or Xylitol for sweetener. Caveat: it doesn't clump. No honey, no oil, no clumping, sorry.

I wasted a couple of hours in the evening struggling to get a book on CD into the iPod in an unscrambled form. I wanted to listen to Back on Blossom Street, and it wasn't available on Audible yet. The Blossom Street books are not great literature, but I like the characters! Anyway, I've already ordered the yarn for the prayer shawl (before my ticker went up, L-B).

After thinking about the implications of Yarninabox gifts, especially gifts that are already late, I decided to give my mom a portable DVD player for Mother's Day. She can no longer remember how to play a DVD on her TV--too many remotes, and too many settings (Satellite? VCR? DVD? TV? Game?). I hope the portable DVD player will be simple enough that she can use it. Plus with headphones she should be able to hear her movie without hearing aids. She can never find her hearing aids.

I do plan to knit the Tencel/merino sweater for her birthday, though. When I went through my patterns looking for the cabled pattern I found this:

Green Mountain Spinnery Lace Cardigan

I think I'll do some swatching in the car tomorrow. The Lace Cardigan calls for cotton, so the yarn I have may be too drapey to look right. I also want to see if I can solve the bulging problem on Celtic Cardigan where the cables meet the garter rib.

Oat Couture Celtic Cardigan

The sweater is on for sure: I had to get that Tencel yarn out of the bins downstairs so I could stash more sock yarn. Finally! A project from stash yarn! Woohoo!

About the Chris's Recital Ticker I added yesterday:

Yep, I just bought another plane ticket to Portland. My son-in-law Chris can be heard in recital on June 12th. He sounded so incredible while practicing Danny Deaver that Sharman called to tell me about it. They're not recording the recital, so I have to go in person if I want to hear it. It's a fund-raiser since Studio Artists aren't paid a lot. See the fact box accompanying the Oregonian article.

Chris's colleague Jeff Beruan, a bass, is also on the program. Anyone in the Portland area who wants to hear the most incredible new voices of the century and is willing to sacrifice some sock yarn money to a good cause, let me know and I'll see if Sharman has any invitations left.


Laritza hat gesagt…

The granola recipe is copied and saved. Love that stuff!

Anonym hat gesagt…

What make are her hearing aids and does she cover them with her hair?

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