Samstag, Mai 26, 2007

Musings on a 3:00 a.m. Headache

What to do in the middle of the night while you wait for your headache meds to take effect:

  • Try all the game types on Tetris Zone

  • Get to Level 9 and give up

  • Shop online for yarn

  • Decide not to buy any. You promised not to; and your ticker has been up for less than a week

  • Try to figure out what clapotis means when it's not a shawl

  • It's not in or the first French-English dictionary that shows up, so just give up

  • Get in the shower and soak your head

  • It's not that bad yet

  • Drink another diet Coke; it's medicinal

  • Shop online for yarn.

  • Question: Why am I doing this death pact no yarn shopping thing? Don't I have room in my stash for just one skein of this?

    Answer: The laceweight bin is so full you had to leave some Sea Silk upstairs with the sock yarn. Besides, did you see the price on that thing?

    Have you ever seen so much beautifully dyed cashmere in one place? Posh Yarns

    All the shades of merino silk singles that I like are sold out at Smatterings

    I didn't tell myself I couldn't buy patterns.

    Does ship to the US?

    Hey, my head feels better! Was it the second Coke? Or was it the Gossip yarn?



    Laritza hat gesagt…

    You had a meandering night! Hope your headache is gone.

    Anonym hat gesagt…

    Clapotis means something like wavelet.

    -Audrey in Freeport, IL

    Lynn hat gesagt…

    Clapotis = the little waves lapping at the shore. Which reminds me that my own clapotis is lurking at the foot of my bed, unblocked.

    Tola hat gesagt…

    diet cokes for everyone!

    No tickers