Mittwoch, Mai 16, 2007

It was . . .

Amazon Chicken!

chicken power2

chicken power3

chicken power

The opera was great. I was disappointed that Chris did not go on as Papageno (the scheduled Papageno got out of the hospital, fortunately for him), but we enjoyed Chris in his assigned role as The First Priest. He was the loudest person in the opera, although the Thunder Sheet was pretty loud. There was a terrific dragon, Die Koenigin der Nacht had a stellar costume(get it? stellar?) and she hit all her high notes. For some reason the three boys were all girls. . . maybe Portland needs a choir school? But Die Drei Damen were ladies, and they were great.

Kendra, I'm sorry I forgot to bring your scarf. I will mail it. Can you please give Chris your address? Only, what are you going to do with an alpaca and cashmere scarf in Texas?

I can't tell you about where I went today. I was sworn to secrecy. I only mention it because it was amazing and I wish I could tell you about it. All I can say is that it was way fun, and that I couldn't have gotten there without Karl-Heinz, my trusty GPS unit. Do not try to go anyplace top secret in Oregon without one, because cel phones don't work deep in the woods, meaning you can't call for help if you get lost.


Margene hat gesagt…

Did ANYONE guess right? LOL Sounds like you're having a great time. You WILL eventually tell us about your secret encounter, right?

Terri hat gesagt…

Secret encounters in the woods of Oregon. Now you MUST tell.

Laritza hat gesagt…

Where were you? You must tell!

tapmouse hat gesagt…

Oh, like we don't know, right, Tan?! I recognize that knit chicken on the shelf!


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