Dienstag, Mai 29, 2007

Cherry Blossom Shawl Finished

Not every project looks so cute in the sink. Pinky and the brain, brain, brain . . .

The fir cone pattern is so cute, round on one end and pointy on the other.

Only my cast-off was not loose enough, so I did not get extravagant points like Susan's.

I want to attach the shawl to my dress so I spent some time online shopping for a scarf clip, mine having broken. This site has stacks of them.

It's nice how quickly lace dries; the cats only had to be banned from the bed for a couple of hours.

I am always amazed that the simple act of blocking turns a scrambed mass of yarn into a real lace fabric, with sheen and drape and beautiful textures.

Now I want to learn how to do this:

Photo borrowed without permission from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, October 24th posting.

Only not right away. I think a crochet hook might have been involved in that.


Tola hat gesagt…

" . . . . Without permission . . ."? do you think she will sic a lawyer on you???

Margene hat gesagt…

Check here http://rosemarygoround.blogspot.com/ Romi is a blog friend and makes beautiful pieces.
The shawl is exquisite!!

Laritza hat gesagt…

I'll show you how to do the crochet cast off. It is way easy.

Terri hat gesagt…


nona hat gesagt…

Your fir cone shawl is truely beautiful! I too love what blocking does to lace. And you know what, if you can knit that shawl you can definately knit the circular lace. The only crochet involved is in the bind-off. Check out this site for some excellent free lace Dioly patterns: http://www.yarnover.net

KnitNana hat gesagt…

JUST STUNNING! oh, I'm in love with the color, as well as the lace!

StarSpry hat gesagt…

Your Cherry Blossom Shawl is beautiful! I love the color :)

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