Montag, Mai 14, 2007

Back to Portland

I am really excited about the opera. While they were not able to use the Maurice Sendak sets, they are using the Sendak costumes. I can't even talk about what else I'm excited about. I'm too superstitious.

I haven't started packing. Instead I was working on a top-secret mystery project, a gift for an Oregon fiber friend. Laurel came over and she and Che assisted. In fact, Amber assisted, too, because she knew where my needle felting stuff was.

If you can correctly guess what the mystery project is, I will enter you in a drawing to win a souvenir from my trip. If I get any :)


Margene hat gesagt…

If the pictures are a hint then I'm going with a handspun bag. Have a wonderful time!

Terri hat gesagt…

It s a catnip toy for the cat?

No tickers