Montag, April 02, 2007

This Lime and Violet Thing is Getting Out of Hand

My friend Amy at the Needlepoint Joint once told me that she always packs green and purple when she travels so she'll be assured that her clothes will always go together. I like green. I like purple. But outside Amy's wardrobe, I've never seen them together so much as I have since I started listening to the Lime and Violet podcast. These colors are everywhere!

  • 1. Lisa Souza's "Lime 'n Violet" colorway
  • 2. Dye-abolical Yarns "Boltneck" colorway She's sold out right now but bookmark her and check back--and while you're there, read her profile (unless you already heard it on Lime 'n' Violet)
  • 3. Bluefaced Leister roving in Macaw colorway from Sakina Needles. Her product descriptions are a hoot. Read them all.
  • 4. Ruby297's "Chandi" colorway
  • 5. Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Thistle"
  • 6. Olive and Wine roving from Vedabliss (subtle shading of the theme colors, right?)
  • 7. Lime and Violet circular needles and "Don't Drop" spindle

  • And a close-up of the spindle and needles:

    And a yarn that missed the photoshoot due to having fallen on the floor (Cider Moon's Istanbul colorway--no lime, but some great shades of violet and orchid):

    And a contest: the first person to correctly identify this instrument, which is opening our concert tomorrow night with the fanfare from Monteverdi's Orfeo, wins one of these Lime 'n' Violet themed skeins of yarn. Make sure I have a way to contact you.

    Mystery instrument:

    Pampered Chef towel no longer available in this colorway, but go to Pampered Chef's website and check out the NEW towel colors, under the Shop Online/Trends tab

    I probably ought to take the "Knit from Stash 2007" button off my blog, but I think it reminds me to at least TRY not to buy more yarn. Of course sock yarn doesn't count . . .


    Oozaroo hat gesagt…

    I'm so excited to find your knitblog! I remember you from the old knitlist, and I have wondered what you are doing now.

    Audrey in Freeport, IL

    Tola hat gesagt…

    i am guessing some sort of hunting horn, but ive no idea really. i was *hoping* the mystery instrument would be a celesta (cuz i love the sound) but alas, no.

    Terri hat gesagt…

    HHMM - Has the picture been taken without the reed?

    Tan hat gesagt…

    No, the reed is in place. However it's inside the mouthpiece so you can't see it.

    Terri hat gesagt…

    I will guess a shalmei.

    Can I guess twice, I have another one.

    Laritza hat gesagt…

    A flute of some kind........

    ikkinlala hat gesagt…

    Is it a hornpipe?

    No tickers