Mittwoch, April 04, 2007

Tea Party

A couple of weekends ago while Cherry was in town we had a family fiber event. I had enjoyed the SLC-SNB knitting tea a few months ago, so I booked the Beehive Tearoom in Salt Lake for a Saturday afternoon.

It was a mostly girls' event, but Todd came to make sure no food went to waste (and to spend time with Cherry since she lives on the east coast and we don't see her often).

The little girls' tea sets at the Beehive are especially cute. The girls had hot chocolate and Berry Berry tea. We had cucumber and other dainty sandwiches, cream puffs, and berries with cream and powdered sugar. There was a great deal of powdered sugar on the floor where the little girls were sitting.

Everyone knitted except Todd and Cherry.

They played chess.

It was a lovely afternoon, especially for those of us steeped in the Victorian novel tradition, and a quiet time to knit, chat, and have someone else wait on us hand and foot.

Y'all should try it!

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Joanne hat gesagt…

Thanks for posting pictures Tan! I had forgotten how cute the little mice who came along were :)

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