Dienstag, April 03, 2007

Survived concert, not sure about Pomamtomus chart

We have a winner in the mystery instrument contest! Ikkinlala correctly guessed that it is a hornpipe. This one is officially a Welsh pibgorn, but since pibgorn just means hornpipe in Welsh I had decided up front to allow that as an answer. I'm still curious about Terri's guess that it might be a shalmei. If it turns out that shalmei just means hornpipe in Hebrew or something we can have two winners. Thanks to everyone who commented--your guesses were interesting.

By the way, the pibgorn was a big hit at the concert and got a laugh out of the music professors in the back row.

I am about half done with my Pomatomi.

Note: The Pomatomus pattern as written is knitted top down.

The foot of this pattern requires more concentration than I was good for this week. The leg is easier. On the leg you knit a bunch of rows that start with a yarn over, and then follow that with a bunch of rows that start with SSK. This is easy to remember, and the rest of the pattern is mainly just knitting the knits, purling the purls, and keeping the curved lines going.

I, of course, started with the hard part. Cookie apparently decided that it would look unbalanced to have that row of yarn-overs going up one side of the foot and not the other,

A bunch of holes

so she includes a modified version of the chart that provides a more solid and symmetrical edge for the foot.

Fewer holes

I found this part of the chart confusing when I knitted my mom's Pomatomi, so I ignored it. Her socks have that line of holes down one side. This time I followed the chart, in the same half-baked way that I glance at the instructions for DVD players and toasters. I still don't know how to use the "Frozen" feature on my toaster; and I had to pick out the same four rows of these sock feet about three times before I was forced to admit I better actually pull out the chart and look at it.

The leg will be easier. I'm in the home stretch.


Terri hat gesagt…

Bummer, I just came back to guess the Welsh Pibgorn.

The shalmei I do not know much about. It is a double reed that sounds like a cross between a bassoon and a trumpet - buzzy reedy with a higher tone. I came across one at an outdoor festival, maybe Folk Life.

Margene hat gesagt…

You can knit Pomo socks forever and never do them the same way twice. The concert must have been very interesting and entertaining. Sorry I had to miss it!

Joanne hat gesagt…

Your socks are so pretty, I'm gonna have to knit some too! And Congrats on surviving your concert!

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