Samstag, April 21, 2007

Something's fishy . . .

Could it be

The Blue Moon Fiber Arts Tide Series?



Left to right: Tide Pool: Brown and dark green at the top next to the fuchsia, then aqua blue and finally grey blue;
Mystic Kelp: Brown and dark green (nearly black) at the top, then fuchsia and lavendar and a lot of tan;
Undertoe: forest green, tan, and a lot of lavender;
Lunasea: green, teal, greenish teal, and lavenderish-greyish-blue;
Socktopus: rose, rose-beige, rose-leaf green, tan

Or is it just the Socktopus Socks?

I may not be clever enough to win them in a contest, but I know how to weasle them out of Orders at Blue Moon!


L-B hat gesagt…

The socks are beautiful,Tan!
And your Tide series will be complete very soon!

juliet hat gesagt…

I can't believe how fast you are!! I'm not feeling very clever. I did win the yarn and I'm totally stuck half way through sock #1! Anyhow, those are beautiful.

Tola hat gesagt…

Thank you for your comment/suggestion over on my blog. I emailed the assistant principal just now and asked if there is a spectrum program. Pretty sock yarn too! But what contest are you referring to?

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