Donnerstag, April 12, 2007

Someone's Been Sitting in My Chair . . .

. . . And Here He Is! . . .

We're sharing the chair right now, incidentally. That old axiom "Let sleeping dogs lie" applies to cats, too. Che bites when annoyed. Hard.

Say, look at this:

Margene, meet Wasabi. Wasabi, Margene. I was thinking I would have to Collect my skein of Margene, but she looks so good with the Shibuiknits Sock that I may have to actually knit something that can combine them. A modular scarf? A (I'm scared to say this) a mitered something?

I did actually have something to say when I came in here and found a cat in my chair. And what I have to say is:

So much for monogamous knitting. I can't do it. This is my new project.

I'm knitting it in Classic Elite Bam Boo in a shade of blue (they call it China Blue) that I don't have in my wardrobe, but which I think I can wear successfully.

Does this swatch prove that I really could knit a dishcloth? At least it proves that I can knit my new sweater on size 8 needles. I had to knit the whole skein into the swatch (only 77 yards, no biggie) because I don't want to create any additional cut ends of bamboo yarn to work into the ultimate FO.

It was the Diet Sweater that cured me of monogamous knitting. It was the next thing in my queue, but it could take me the rest of my life. Knitting a sweater in fingering weight yarn on size 3 needles for the rest of my life was too much. I entered it in the Maxon-Dixon Slogalong instead, and I may even take it with me to Princess P's dance class.

I had to take my swatch apart, since I ordered a borderline amount of yarn.

Is this scary or what? I DID tie the skein . . .

Whew! This looks better.

Later I weighted it slightly, but just hanging it unkinked it pretty well.

So here we have a project that I can knit in a couple of weeks if I stick with it. But there's the rub, as Hamlet says. Can I stick with it?


Laritza hat gesagt…

I like the blue. Yes for the modular knitting, what? I have no idea, depends on how much yarn you have total. Those two skeins look lovely together. One square each and it will turn out nice. Monogamous what???? I did that till.....too many lovely things out there!

Tola hat gesagt…

You named the cat Che? Is he a revolutionary?

Margene hat gesagt…

I laughing a the irony....mixing me with Wasabi. I'm no fan of wasabi or green!! ;-) Monogamy sucks.

Terri hat gesagt…

A sweater in 2 weeks? You are amazing!

Kerry hat gesagt…

My goodness that Kitty has grown!!

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