Mittwoch, April 18, 2007

Not snow again!

Yesterday it was spring.


Today I went out in a snowstorm to buy hiking boots:


I was glad I took the extra time to drive to a big outdoor gear store. REI in Salt Lake had a salesperson who knew how my boots should fit, which I didn't, and a practice ramp to make sure my toes didn't hit the boots on the way down. They feel WONDERFUL!

I have been knitting hard. On the weekend I slogged on the diet sweater:

Before two days of slogging:

diet sweater

After two days of slogging:

diet sweater

On both Monday and Tuesday I was able to knit a whole ball of yarn into the blue sweater.

blue sweater

I started the second Baudelaire sock. See how the second one is a little too wide? This is why I have started knitting socks two at a time. I wanted to make sure how the Cookie heel fit before going ahead with the second one, though, since I hadn't used it before.


Baudelaire would really look better in a simpler yarn. I'm going to knit the pattern again in Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 for a friend:


So there we have it. The late-April, snow day update. Knit on, then, until spring shall come at last.


Laritza hat gesagt…

That reminds me, I have to get a pair of walking shoes.
Like your knitting!

Kerry hat gesagt…

You make me miss the Utah spring. Snow on the blossoms and such, we're just having more rain up here in WA.

Terri hat gesagt…

SNOW!!!! You are much calmer than I would be about snow showing up at this point in the game.

REI is the BEST! I used to try other places before REI, figuring I could save a few bucks. It never worked and I ended up at REI. Now I do not even bother with the other guys. You just can not put a price on all their knowledge.

I am going to get your package in the mail today. I am really lagging. It has been sitting on my dresser for so long it needs dusting.

Margene hat gesagt…

Snow? We don't have any snow!? Must be the lake took the storm your way. Nice boots!

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