Dienstag, April 24, 2007

Emergency Knitting

I stayed up a little late on Sunday evening to knit.

I finished my Baudelaires in BMFA Socktopus.

Suddenly finding myself with nothing better to do, I slogged.

Then I got ready for bed. When I leaned over the sink to wash my face, my iPod fell in and got wet. It was not happy. By morning it had dried out and was working again, but I decided the situation called for a little emergency knitting. So, for those times when I'm not wearing pockets to keep my little iFriend safe and dry, I knitted it its own pocket.

Leftover sock yarns in a 37 stitch miter: BMFA Seduction in Lagoon, BMFA STR Mediumweight in Foofaraw

I am not much of a designer. The bag is about 25% too big, and I forgot to put a control wheel opening in it. But hey, look at the cool bead I found in my stash to use as a button!

I stayed up a little late on Monday night to start the Fleece Artist Baudelaires.

I liked everything about the Baudelaire pattern except the toe. Cookie calls for a figure 8 toe, and I hate figure 8 because you have to tighten the stitches afterwards. This is the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts toe instead. I did make it pointy as the pattern called for, since the friend who'll get these has skinny pointy feet. But I think mine would have fit better with the snubbier toe I usually knit.

I may have stayed up late to knit a little too often. Is it just me, or do those sock toes look like they need a bra?


Margene hat gesagt…

LOVE the Socktopus colorway. Nice iPod save!

QueenMeadow hat gesagt…

Love the iPod pocket, very cute!

The socks are really cute too, love the colors.

Terri hat gesagt…

Last month I worked on The Penis Sock, this month you are doing The Breast Socks. Too funny.

Tola hat gesagt…

I wish my bra-needing anatomy looked as nice as those sock toes.

Laritza hat gesagt…

The little bag is so cute!
I need one of those. I will do some emergency knitting around here. Thanks for the mittered squares idea.

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