Donnerstag, April 26, 2007

Baptism by Mud

Trusty and I took the new hiking boots for their first outing on the actual trail near our house yesterday. I was hoping the trail would have dried out a little but it was still pretty muddy.

Trusty is wearing a Halti on his face since he pulls hard on the leash without it. Paul says it makes him look vicious. Does it?

The Mueller Park Canyon trail is nice for a beginner, since it's only steep where the switchbacks turn. Sometimes it's so level you can't tell if you're going out or in.

It's a pretty safe area for solo hiking. The lower part of the trail is too well-travelled for snakes to hang out comfortably (although I've heard of people encountering them near the top of the trail), and it's a low-crime area (I need to stop reading Nevada Barr novels). The only thing I worry about is what to do if we meet a horse or an out-of-control biker (it happens--when my son was in high school he helped carry out an injured biker whose brakes had gone out on the way down). There's no place to go off the trail but DOWN!

We came home and knitted. Well actually, I knitted, and Trusty ate a whole banana, skin and all, while I wasn't paying attention. This is what I accomplished:

Trusty's accomplishments are less photogenic. Let's just say that while they may not be as bad for dogs as chocolate, banana skins are probably not a good dog treat.


Laritza hat gesagt…

Love the socks. Your hike sounds quite fun!

lucia hat gesagt…

Those are gorgeous! (I need to knit more socks soon!)

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