Montag, April 16, 2007

Amazing Experience

Some background: I am the world's worst couch potato. I hate to excercise. I only do it because I am afraid of diabetes. The only excercise I can do is walk the dog. The only way I can stand to do that is if I have an audiobook on my iPod.

Lately I have been trying to find ways to walk from my house that take one hour, since that's the amount of excercise I want to do, and that avoid Trusty's stalker. This stalker is a former fireman who likes bloodhounds. Sadly his labrador does not like bloodhounds, so the interactions are never relaxing and pleasant.

For today's experiment, Trusty and I drove to the corner where we usually turn around to come home, and walked up the hill to the entrance to Wasatch National Forest. I have not been on the hiking trail there since my wolfhound died nine years ago.

I don't know if I can describe what happened. It was the most amazing experience. We started up the trail, and before we had gone very far I forgot that I was getting exercise. I took off the headphones--I didn't need them! There were birds, and rustling leaves, and rushing water far below and they were more interesting than my audiobook. Hiking up this trail was like knitting--I kept wanting to go around just one more turn in the trail, even when it was time to go back. Just thinking about it makes me shiver, remembering how good it felt.

I don't feel comfortable climbing far in walking shoes, even though the trail is really well-groomed. I'm pretty clumsy and have had a broken ankle before this. Tomorrow I'll have to hit REI and get some new boots. My old ones are cracked and are lumpy and uncomfortable on the inside. I would still give them a go, if Trusty hadn't eaten one of them last fall.

I'm sorry I didn't take my camera. I don't have anything to show you. But then, I wouldn't be able to show you what happened on the inside anyway.


Margene hat gesagt…

I love hiking, walking in the mountains. Good for you...get the boots and go back with the camera.

Terri hat gesagt…


Tola hat gesagt…

Mark loved being outside, called it his church. I have a church, but I agree with him anyway. Our mountains really are special.

Lynn hat gesagt…

I totally get this, having grown up in the state just north of you. I remember a date I had with one of the stake "catches", a few months after I joined the church, where he said "nature walk" and I thought "oh really, didn't think you were that kind of guy." And we walked up mountains and ran down mountains and thoroughly behaved ourselves and it was way more fun than the, ahem, "nature walks" I had experienced before getting religion. Thanks for your comment on my birthday post; it was a little surreal to think to myself yesterday afternoon "I have an hour and I need to stay awake" and come up with "I can go ride the recumbent bike at the YMCA". I wonder what a photo of astonishment would look like?

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