Montag, März 05, 2007

Waiting for Blue Moon

Knitters all over America received their first Rockin' Sock Club kit of 2007 over the weekend. I was one of the large number of club members who did not. I suspected that my kit was in one of the boxes still piled up in the studio on Friday due to power outages. In an effort to remain calm in the face of disappointment, I kept myself busy with my Foofaraw Monkey socks.

This colorway surprised me (as they often do) when I saw how it knitted up compared to how it looked in the skein. I expected more red and green, but in fact the pink and beige are more prominent. In fact as I knitted, my socks began to look like a shrimp salad. And so I present to you:

Foofaraw Salad

This salad would be lovely served in an avocado half. It's both Southbeach and Weight Watchers Core legal.

When I taught my most recent toe-up sock class, Beth asked if you could knit short-row toe-up socks two at a time on circular needles. I said yes, sure, but I hadn't tried it. I tried it on these (the Monkey Sock pattern is not toe-up; I am just knitting them that way) and found that while you certainly can, it is really annoying and time consuming. Beth's suggestion of knitting the toes separately and then putting them on the same needles is more sensible.

As I began knitting the two toes, at first I slipped the unworked stitches and ignored them. By the time I was slipping five pairs of unworked stitches and yarnovers on EACH toe, I decided that was a bad idea. I tried putting the extra stitches on a spare double point, but it was too rigid. I tried a third circular, but it still got in the way. Finally I just finished one of the toes, and then finished the other. This is also how I did the heels when I got to that point.

For anyone curious about short-row, toe-up socks, the method I use is found in Priscilla Gibson-Roberts's Simple Socks Plain and Fancy. A good pattern available online is Wendy's Toe Up Sock, which uses a slightly different method for preventing holes in the short row fabric.

Paul gets more brownie points for his increasing sock consciousness. He noticed and commented on my Marble Arches socks, which he had not seen because he was on call four nights out of five and I ripped through them so fast that they didn't exist the one night he was at home.

And all the waiting finally paid off! My Blue Moon kit did finally come last night, and I started the toe. Lots of people have posted about this kit, so I'm not blogging mine until I have a little more knitting to show for it.


Margene hat gesagt…

Oh yum...shrimp salad!!
And the socks look good too;-)

L-B hat gesagt…

Socks-That-Rock inspired cooking! You may be onto something,Tan! Add the avocado with your Feb. sock in progress! note:I'm not spoiling with color or pattern name ;-)

sgeddes hat gesagt…

The monkey socks look great and so does the salad! Great inspiration. I'm still waiting on my kit, but I know it will be great just like all the ones last year.

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