Dienstag, März 06, 2007

Today's Shopping

I just got this in the mail from The Bellwether:

Crosspatch Creations Signature Blend, Wool, Vixcose, Tussah Silk, Cut Bombyx silk, and Tussah silk noil. The color is Plum Loco.

I don't know if cats are supposed to be able to see pinks and purples, but Turbo definitely preferred something about this batt over the following one.

Crosspatch Creations Signature Blend, including Wool, Tussah and Bombyx silk, and Viscose. The color is Black Hills Gold.

These batts are blended once through the carder so layers are still discrete. They suggest tearing the batt lengthwise, then separating these into smaller sections of 3-6 inches. You mix these in a basket so that you get more random variegation, and spin a thin single to bring out the colors and silk. My previous experience with blends is they work best spun from the fold, because if you spin from the end of the fiber the longest fibers get sucked out first, and all the noil and shorter fibers end up in your hand.

I have something else I need to finish before I can work on these; maybe it will be motivation to finish the other project!


Margene hat gesagt…

OMG!!! I LOVE Black Hills Gold! You're going to have fun. Can I pet them on Saturday?

Tola hat gesagt…

as much as i love pink, the Black Hills Gold is stunning when its spun up. are you feeling better my dear?

Laritza hat gesagt…

Love the colors! More the Black Hills Gold!

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