Freitag, März 30, 2007

Pomatomus Quest

I have a lot of weird stuff. Some of it follows me home. People give me some of it. Where else but my office would you find pre-movie Galadriel hanging out with Mad Max and his dog (and wind-up, jumping Totoro, but he didn't fit in the frame)?

Legolas resenting Hagrid?

Fainting Barbie and Fabio Ken

next to Talking Yodeling Jesse

and an autographed baseball?

I'm a collector. That's "collector," lower case. A "Collector," upper case, would have left Barbie and Ken in their box. I couldn't leave them in their box. I had to take Fabio Ken to a church supper that my husband couldn't attend, since I didn't want to go alone. Fainting Barbie stayed home and fainted.

I have a yarn collection, too, but it's less random. For example, I had to get BMFA colors "Harlotty" and "Lucy" because they are named after famous people. Person. Cat. Whatever. I may have to keep those in their skeins with the ballbands on to appease the Collector in me. You can't really take yarn out as a date anyway.

Recently I experienced . . . (ta-ta-TA)

Pomatomus Quest!

I had knitted this pattern for my mother for Christmas, and wanted just the right yarn to knit a pair for myself. Since Pomatomus is named after a fish, I thought it would be nice if the yarn had a little bit of sheen and was modestly fish-colored.

I thought I might use Fleece Artist. Sadly this yarn is not available at any of my LYS, so I ordered some online. Somehow none of the colors was quite right when I saw them in person, even though they did have both sheen and a degree of fishiness.

From left: Nemo, Gill, Dory

I finally ended up with BMFA Seduction in Lagoon. It's shiny, and the color works for a fish, running from New Orleans Canal Moss Green through deep steely blue and some grey in between.

Does anybody know whether Tencel wears well in socks? Are these going to be Art Objects rather than Footwear?

Incipient Pomatomi.

This pattern is kind of hypnotic. A little addictive. A person could just keep on knitting Pomatomi. Hey, I could collect Pomatomus socks. No you can't. Go to bed. You're starting to hallucinate. OK, OK, I'm going.


Terri hat gesagt…

OMG you would LOVE Archie McPhee's. It is the goofiest little store here in Seattle. I have a friend who does not like to shop there because "there are eyeballs everywhere". They have Beetoven action figures!


Margene hat gesagt…

I think they would all be wonderful Pomatomi but you did pick a good one. Tencel, from what I understand is good wearing. You must let us know if that's not true.

Lauren hat gesagt…

I don't know about the wearing but I hope so! I just made some Pomatomus socks out of the Seduction and while I haven't worn them yet, they feel great.

Zen Mama hat gesagt…

I found your blog! I love it! :) Good luck on the Potomotuisiouiii socks! :D I can't wait for a photo update. I'll be checking in on your blog, too!


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