Donnerstag, März 22, 2007

Knitting in Church

Yes. My name is Tan and I knit in church.

But it's getting harder.

I belong to a demonination that lets most people just sit there. No kneeling, standing, looking things up in prayer books, turning to others to share love: just sitting there and listening while other members of the congregation stand at the pulpit and pontificate. My husband and I pick a spot to sit where he blocks me from view of the speaker and other congregation members. This is a great setup for knitting.

And I have permission. A few years ago our bishop (pastor) asked why I DIDN'T knit in church. I told him I thought it might be inappropriate. He said, "I sit up front and I see what people do in church. Some sleep, some play video games on their phones, and some read books. At least I would know that if you are knitting, you're listening."

Such a nice man. I knitted him a Dale of Norway Salt Lake Olympics Sweater.

When that bishop died unexpectedly, the new bishop asked if anyone had any questions. I said, "Bishop D. let me knit in church. Is that OK with you?" He said, "Some people need Cheerios, some people need Quiet Books. Whatever it takes."

There you go. Blanket approbation.

But now I'm the organist. I tried sitting by Paul and knitting, then dashing up to the organ when it was time to play. It's not very professional, and seems to distract people. So last week I parked my purse in the choir seats right behind the organ so no one would grab that seat, the only one that's hidden from the congregation, and sat there and knitted. But that's where the chorister sits. She talked to me all through the meeting. And that distracted me. Why even go if I'm not going to listen to the other members pontificate?

Still working on that one.

I know I'm not the only church knitter out there. A friend of mine who sings in choir at her Catholic church had a bad moment when she dropped a double point out of the choir loft during a quiet moment during Mass. But on the whole, knitting is a very peaceful occupation, meditative and appropriate for religious contemplation.

I say go for it.

I do think it's important to be subtle about it, though. Find a place to sit where your knitting won't distract others. Pick a knitting project that's unobtrusive (maybe not the fire engine red Fun Fur afghan that takes up the whole sofa when you're working on it at home). Leave your Kacha-Kacha at home.

After all, we don't want anyone to think knitters are rude.


Tola hat gesagt…

To your Catholic friend: Magic Loop method for socks. I don't drop DPNs in church anymore!

Kerry hat gesagt…

Tan, thanks so much for a whole post explaining. I just love the thought of the red fun fur afghan spread over the pews. I think I am going to check with my bishop and pick out a nice subtle sock to take to church with me. hat gesagt…


I knit in church too and sometimes I draw I think it helps to have my hands doing something so my mind can listen. We do get up and sing and so forth so I do have to put the knitting down to use the hymnal but I just pick it back up.

Teri hat gesagt…

I knit in church, too, but I usually sit in the "annex" and drink coffee while I knit. There are several of us, actually. Sometimes I even take my journey wheel and spin. One time, the church furnace was out, so we all had to sit in the annex; I stood in the back, knitting. When Tom, the minister, saw me later, he asked if I'd missed my knitting. I grinned and said, "oh, I was knitting!" He didn't know I could knit standing up.

Lynn hat gesagt…

Tan, I'm a member of the same church, here in Texas, and I take my knitting *almost* everywhere. I knit at firesides. I knit at the church singles' dances. I knit at the monthly home, family, and personal enrichment meetings. I have yet to take it to sacrament meeting, but there have been plenty of meetings when I wished that I had.

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