Donnerstag, März 08, 2007

Finished Socks

I finished my Foofaraw socks last night, so the new STR club sock can have its own bag. I even got a cat-free photo:

More bizarre things to do to your toe up sock:

This is the one where you cast on 2 out of your first stitch, using the cable cast on (knit into the stitch, put the new stitch back on the LH needle, repeat); then cast off 3 (when knitting the newly cast on stitches, knit through the back loop; then knit or purl the existing sock edge stitches as they appear); then put the stitch that remains on the right needle back onto the left needle, and bind off from left to right, i.e. pass the 2nd stitch on the LH needle over the stitch you just put there and off. It should work out so that the stitch you pass over is a knit stitch if you're doing it on a 1x1 rib as I did here. Then you repeat this whole process until you've done the whole edge.

OK, I'm off to my harpsichord lesson. Ta.


Margene hat gesagt…

Harpsichord, organ, harp...what don't you play!? Nice sock.

Terri hat gesagt…

Pretty socks. That bind off is one of my favorites and is the only reason I do toe up socks.

Did you ever find your lost bag and needles?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Harpsichord lessons--why didn't I know you were taking harpsichord lessons? Dang. So many instruments, so little time.

I'll have to have you show me that castoff. My brain doesn't seem to be processing written instructions tonight, and I like how the sock looks.

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