Montag, März 12, 2007

An Arboreal Question

It looks as if spring is finally here, and the pussy willow in bloom. The oddity is that these buds are not growing on pussy willow, but on quaking aspens. Apparently aspens have flowers! Who knew?

I found out the other night that I can knit when I am completely asleep. Unfortunately I can't follow my pattern while asleep. I was working on the heel of my STR club sock

when I dozed off. I know I was completely asleep because I was watching TV and had to run the program back to catch what I had missed. It has a short-row heel, and at some point I had stopped short rowing and knitted around to the instep side where I knitted about five rows of perfect garter stitch. I didn't drop a stitch. It was perfect. Of course it was also pretty weird.

As usual Che has put a paw, or rather a tooth, into my project. He sneaks up and chews on the yarn. Whether he bites it all the way off or not, there's always a section so damaged it has to come out, which ruins the pattern. I have decided that it must be a trademark that makes my socks unique even though there are 2000 people in the club. My socks have a Che Line.

I started a new church sock, since the Trekking sock disappeared a few weeks ago.

Originally I was going to knit this yarn, Fleece Artist "Seashore," into Pomatomus socks for myself. A few rows into the project it was clear that this colorway just wasn't me. The new sock looks as if it will fit Mikayla. I still want to use Fleece Artist for Pomatomus, because I like its soft sheen. I've ordered a couple of other colors.

A few days ago I unloaded my early music bag and found the Trekking sock at the bottom, squashed under the recorders. I'm glad it showed up, since there are two sets of needles and one and a half socks in a cute little bag that I got for my birthday. However, I'm not sure I can knit a brown sock in spring. I'm giving it a rest.


Margene hat gesagt…

No brown socks!! Good rule for spring. Wasn't yesterday heavenly?!

Laritza hat gesagt…

I have knit while sleep too! don't do it with lace! I learned the hard way :)
I found out that my right hand is yarn dumb!

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