Dienstag, Februar 27, 2007

Ya Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em

I haven't actually made up my mind yet, but . . .

Let's back up a couple of hours. We woke up to a blizzard.

Trusty went out to potty, then promptly went back to bed.

Hey, gimme a break, I'm trying to sleep in here!

But I was a woman on a mission. When I washed my socks a couple of days ago, I discovered that my very favorite pair in the whole world, a Nancy Bush design knitted in cushy Bearfoot, had a hole in the heel. I had used a short row heel rather than the Nancy Bush one, so I figured I could just clip out the heel and reknit it. Although I didn't have any of the original yarn left I had an Apple Pie colorway that I thought would work to reheel both socks.

I picked up stitches around the heel and then cut away the heel. I had to pick out the remaining yarn, and carefully unravel the last bits of it to make sure I had every stitchpicked up.

I worked in the loose ends, then got ready to knit. Then I realized that more than just the heel needed to be replaced. I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but the whole center of the foot area is very thin.

There's no point in reheeling the sock if the foot is just going to wear out the next time I wear them. I could duplicate stitch over the foot area to reinforce it before knitting, but I suspect I would feel the extra thickness and be annoyed. These were my favorite socks because they felt so good to wear.

For now I've tossed the socks in the project bag to marinate a little. It might be more practical just to re-foot the socks. I would enjoy doing that a lot more than I would enjoy tedious duplicate stitching, and it would be easier to prepare the second sock because I could just work on the simple tubular part of the sock instead of the heel, which turned out to be a little confusing to work on. If I decide to refoot, I'll use Bearfoot again, but probably in a contrasting color since I'll never get a match on the original colorway.

Opinions, anyone? Many of my handknit socks are in the basement waiting to be made into something (potholders? a quilt?) but I would like to keep wearing these.

I have other stuff to work on. I want to finish my Marble Arches socks before the next Rockin' Sock Club kit comes.

See that skinny stripe right in the middle of the leg? Uh Huh. Cesare.

I need to package up the finished Shaped Cable Scarf and mail it to Kendra while it is still winter.

Most of all, I need to get our tax info collected to send to the accountant. And you know what? I'm not padding around the house in my precious handknitted socks today. They're a renewable resource, but I've suddenly realized how much work it is to renew them, and I'm not sure I have the attention span for it.


Laritza hat gesagt…

You made me laugh today! Yesterday you were asking "not to be creative" and today you are asking for ideas on how to recycle your socks! Go figure.......well what if you unravel all of them and knit a lovely multicolor blanket?

Margene hat gesagt…

I wear slippers at all times around the house so my socks won't wear against the carpet. I was going to say you were a show off because you replaced the heel...sorry it didn't work. Trusty has the right idea today!

Tola hat gesagt…

one of the first pairs of socks i made was out of wool/alpaca and i loved them literally to death . . .holes in both heels. i have a wool patchwork blanket that i made from felted sweaters, maybe i could top-sticth my beautiful socks onto one or two of the squares to be forever-immortalized. i think i will! (BTW think it'll snow tomorrow?)

Joanne hat gesagt…

Wow! Neato stuff. I'm kinda (a lot) jealous of your scarf and marble sock :)

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