Montag, Februar 12, 2007

Whoa, dudes!

I actually finished something! I actually finished one of my Winter's Eve socks.

Or is that just a half a something, since socks come in pairs?

But I have some extended knitting time coming up, since Paul invited me to ride with him to the close edge of Nevada where he is giving medical lectures tomorrow (and one in Park City on Wednesday morning). I should be able to wear my Winter's Eve socks for Valentine's Day. I better pack my sock blockers.

After talking with Laritza about the Hidcote Garden Shawl, I think I'm going to blunder ahead with mine and just hope not to run out of yarn. She finished hers with 1200 yards, and I'm a tight knitter, so I might be able to as well. And if not, I'll just shorten the edging.

Be sure to check out the new episode of Let's Knit2gether, if you haven't already. I can't tell you how excited I am about these video podcasts. In this episode Cat shows how to knit a bead bracelet. I took a class a few years ago, but needed a refresher course. In my renewed enthusiasm, I have already been to Earthfaire to get a bracelet clasp and, although I already have thread and Bead Soup, I could not resist this kit. After all, Miss Pink and Purple's birthday is coming up in just a couple of weeks. And I might have asked Ellen to throw in a ball of Tofutsies . . . When people started making string out of plant fibers, did they ever guess those piles of shells left over from dinner might one day be useful as well?


L-B hat gesagt…

Beautiful,Tan! I had to put my second one aside for something more pressing, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing one at home and admiring it!

Katie hat gesagt…

The sock looks lovely.

Laritza hat gesagt…

The sock looks great! Two will look better :) Thinking about the shawl: you could always finish the edge with beads if need be. Use a like yarn and bead it hummmm....

bunnnyfoofoo hat gesagt…

You did a beautiful job- such a pretty pattern!

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