Dienstag, Februar 06, 2007

The Slave of Duty

You know, like Frederick the Pirate, in Pirates of Penzance? Being the Slave of Duty can really cut down on your project time.

My mom really did need help getting to her doctor's appointment. She was diagnosed as diabetic over a month ago, and still had no treatment information. So on Thursday morning I left Bountiful in a light snowstorm and headed up to Idaho.

After our near-month of smog and polluted air here in the Salt Lake area, it was wonderful to get into the high, clear Idaho air.

That is, until I got close to my parents' house, where there was a blizzard going on.

There is supposed to be another hill behind this one

I had visions of being stuck there until spring. I had brought knitting and my organ practicing stuff (shoes, music) but it's awkward to go off and do anything private. I finally ended up starting a sock model for a class I'm starting this week, and taking pictures of the cat.


I couldn't figure out how to de-red-eye this photo, but the bright blue iris you can just barely detect is really how blue this cat's eyes are.

The doctor's appointment was a success. Mom now has a glucometer and a diet, and my dad is very interested in making her follow the diet. The trip cost a lot in knitting time, though. Four and a half hours driving each way, plus the ten hours (I kid you not) that the trip to Idaho Falls took comes out to nineteen hours. I was able to knit for about 20 minutes in the doctor's office, and got a little done while sitting around talking to my parents.

Of course when I got back I had to catch up on life, such as rescheduled piano students and three (count them, Three) homework assignments. But things are getting back to normal. I finished the sock model for my class

Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in one of the "Jewels" colorways

after some struggling to find a cuff pattern I liked. I ended up with a lace rib pattern from my Stitch a Day calendar.

Of course the class members can put whatever they want on it.

As far as my regular projects or the yarn that keeps showing up at the door (I strongly blame Lime n Violet for this) I haven't had much luck.

a one-of-a-kind from White Willow on Etsy called "Alice's Garden"--if you go to Lime n Violet's website and check out all the Yarn Pr0n you can find equally good stuff

the Malabrigo collection

I'm planning on making a hooded dog-walking poncho with the Malabrigo. There is a cute pattern in The Knitter's Bible: Knitted Accessories, which I picked up at The Needlepoint Joint on my way back from Idaho. I might have bought a few skeins of sale yarn to knit a baby something for someone; I might have bought a skein of dark burgundy Trekking, too. I told Sally I already had it, but she said it was new, so what else could I do?

Zitron Trekking XXL; Color 147; 420 meters/100 g.; I have to knit it with size 0 to get a fabric I like. By the way, there were still some of the new colors left, and the Needlepoint Joint does do mail order. 800-660-4355.

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