Freitag, Februar 09, 2007

More Boring Yarn Pictures

I'm sorry nothing ever seems to happen here other than yarn shopping. The least I could do is re-rig this ship.

I do actually do other stuff. I got an A on my counterpoint quiz, which is a step up from the previous assignment which was so bad it came back marked "NC" for No Credit. I taught the first half of a toe-up knitting class, with reasonable success: everyone mastered the short-row toe, but one person left upset over her gauge.

While at the hairdresser I managed to get my Winter's Eve sock into the gusset decreases.

I'm not good at knitting in short snatches any more. It makes me feel rushed and I don't enjoy it as much. Gradually I've got so that when I don't have time to sit and enjoy my knitting time, I am often guilty of collecting instead. Some new additions to the collection:

Left: Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Lightweight in "Cracked Canyon"; Right: Apple Laine Apple Pie in "Red Delicious."

The Geisha (Blue Moon) in "Downpour."

From Left: Blue Moon STR Mediumweight in "G-Rocks"; STR Medium in Thistle; Ruby Sapphire's Ruby Sock Yarn in Chandi (maybe I've posted this one before); Lisa Souza's "Lime n Violet" colorway.

Merino top in "Maize" and a huge skein of merino sock yarn in "gRapey oLivera" from Luxe.>

I guess I need to start something totally brainless that I can knit in those odd corners of time, rather than adding to the collection. Or go out and clean up after Trusty now that the snow has melted off. Now that that sounds like fun.


Margene hat gesagt…

OOoooooo, aaaahhhhh...I love yarn p0rn!! It's all so wonderful. You shop very well.

Joanne hat gesagt…

Yarn pictures are never boring! I love the merino top! And I noticed it's all sock yarn, I admire your will power :)

Terri hat gesagt…

The words boring and yarn should never be in the same sentence.

Kate hat gesagt…

It's almost like I reach out and touch and feel all those yarns. Lovely pics. Not boring for those of us who have one lys we can go to.


Laritza hat gesagt…

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I looked at my shawl again and I think you would be better off keeping the diamonds and the edge as is and shorten the first pattern repeat by one. That would make it hold proportion better.

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