Samstag, Februar 24, 2007

It's always something

I did not go near The Vault yesterday. Instead, I spent hours trying to figure out what I had done wrong with my diet sweater.

Tucked away when I got busy with concerts and shopping etc. before Christmas, the diet sweater had not progressed for several months. I threw it in the car as an emergency project for a snowy day yesterday,

and did in fact need it when the health food store turned out not to open until 10:00. My other errands were finished by 9:00, and in a snowstorm it seemed wiser to wait rather than go home.

The first thing I discovered is that I had misread my last line of the chart, going "1 red, 3 burgundy" instead of "4 burgundy." I picked it out, and discovered that whatever perverted version of my brain was in effect back in early November had noticed there was a problem, but attempted to fix it by knitting two together now and then to make the pattern come out even.


I remember wondering what I had done wrong, but it never occurred to me I might have misread the chart.

Then, after laboriously picking that row out and redoing it, I realized that the whole previous row of fair isle was not centered!

I must have known it at the time. Was this a different person? Did I accidentally get someone else's knitting?

After studying the pattern, the chart, and my knitting I realized that I actually made the mistake with my first fair isle stitch of the WHOLE SWEATER. I had completely ignored the clearly marked "Left Front" and "Right Front" lines on my chart, and started my cardigan, which I am knitting in the round with rounds starting at the front steek, where the back should have begun.

Sheesh. So I spent the afternoon frogging, and didn't even get it all back to square one.

I think I had some misguided vision that I would be able to knit the design all the way around without breaking the chart at the side seams (the pattern is designed to be knitted flat, like most Rowan desgins). Nope. No. Nie, nunca, never.

So much for that quiz a few days ago that said I was good at hiding my mistakes.

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Laritza hat gesagt…

Hummmm.....I guess it could have been worse? not noticing the mistake till later.......The colors are beutiful and the design well worth the effort.

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