Mittwoch, Februar 21, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

I have had a weird week, and it has made me not feel like taking photos and blogging. After our adventure last week I had a chat with my doctor, as I mentioned. As a result I have spent the last week trying to get my head around a low-carb diet (Weight Watcher's Core Plan), and do the requisite shopping. I also learned how to use my glucometer. I have needle tracks up and down my arms.

My doctor had suggested I "eat the way I eat" so she could find out what my blood sugar does. So after three days of staying on the Core plan and having very good glucose readings, I staged a binge.

It's actually hard to binge when you don't feel like it.

Three bowls of Wheaties with milk and sugar sent my glucose level rocketing up, not to the point at which I had instructions to call the doctor, but close. And it didn't come back down during the following 24 hours in which I continued to "eat the way I eat," which included King Cake in honor of Mardi Gras. In fact, it didn't come back down until this morning, after 24 hours back on the Core plan.

This was pretty sobering for me. And not only were these test values bad, but my other lab tests showed high insulin, and high glucose levels over the past three months.

I have been overweight since recovering from depression surrounding my last pregnancy--and my youngest son is 25. If my mother hadn't been diagnosed as diabetic, and if I hadn't gone to her doctor's appointment with her and heard him say "400% increased chance of heart disease" I still wouldn't have done anything about it. Of course I have dieted all this time, but the temptation was always too great when the family parties rolled around, or Baskin Robbins had Winter White Chocolate in stock.

Suddenly those Cadbury Creme Eggs don't look so good.

I have been knitting, just not photographing.

1) I struggled through another two repeats of the shaped cable scarf I'm knitting for Kendra the opera singer (I had put it away for too long and couldn't remember where I was in the chart).

2) I'm only a few rows away from the end of chart 6 in the Hidcote Garden Shawl and my diamonds are coming out to actually look like diamonds.

3) I started a pair of Pomotamus socks in a Fleece Artist colorway called Seashore. They didn't make it past the ribbing (I say they, since I started both at the same time on two circs). They look like a basket of Easter eggs! I'm sorry, just because I bought a pink shirt doesn't mean I'm into pastels. But I have three granddaughters, and they will like Easter egg socks.

I guess I will give up on starting another pair of socks until the Rockin' Sock Club kit comes. It's not like I was going to finish Pomatomus in two weeks anyway.

I'm a little disturbed because I can't find Paul's toe-up socks. Did I leave them at church? Did they fall our of the car? It's not just a sock and a half that had been knit five times due to struggling with stitch count, needle size, gauge, and having to add a gusset for a high arch. It's the two sets of two circular needles and the cute little bag with an unravelling sheep on it that Joanne gave me.

Bear with me. I may be normal soon.

Note: The South Beach Diet cookbook works great with Weight Watchers Core!


Terri hat gesagt…

Oh Tan, I am sorry to hear about your glucose issues. Be strong, know it will get better.

Tola hat gesagt…

(((Tan))) can i do anything to help?

Joanne hat gesagt…

I think our bags are meeting in secret... I can't find mine either! Laughter is the best medicine, feel better, you can do this!

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