Sonntag, Februar 25, 2007

Can I please not be THAT creative?

A lot of people I know are creative. Laurel is an architect and designs her own quilts and other things. She even designed the first sweater she ever knit. Joanne is an artist and creates a variety of art, some fiber based and some not. Kathy subsidises her family's income with fantasy art.

I am creative, too. I can write music, although it is painful and stresses me out when it's not going well. I can throw ingredients into a pot and have fairly edible food come out. So there are at least two things I can do which are creative.

So is it OK if I'm not creative about my knitting?

I like to knit the exact sweater in the picture, with the yarn the designer used, and often in the exact colors the designer selected. After all, he or she is good at color. His or her use of color suprises me and delights me, and that's the main reason I like his or her pattern in the first place in most cases. Color is my starting place, and yet I'm not good at producing it. Yarns that I dye come out looking like clown barf in many cases. Combinations I put together come out boring. I like working with a good designer.

When I worked at a knitting store (The Needlepoint Joint in Ogden, Utah) it was frustrating to help knitters find a good substitute when we didn't carry the exact yarn. I felt bad for people who couldn't see the sweater in another color. I learned what yarns can or can't substitute for something else: wool doesn't drape like silk, cotton doesn't bounce back like wool. I can see the sweater in another color, but what if I LIKE the color the designer used, AND it is is a good color for me, AND I can find the yarn somewhere?

Sometimes I want to see what will happen IF. But when my Rockin' Sock Club kit comes, I want to knit the pattern they gave me. Some creative person slaved over getting the shaping right, the cuff pattern to come out with the stitch count, the right number of beads. Because they were willing to do all that hard stuff, I can knit in peace. Thank you, designers. I love you.

There is an undertone of contempt, or at least pity, for people like me in books like Mason-Dixon Knitting. They want me to branch out, to do my own thing. I will, I promise. But my own thing will probably be a trio for violin, viola and cello (so you know how hard it is to find a violist?), not an original sweater or even sock design. (I might consider a log cabin blanket out of left-over yarn, though. Those things look very non-stressish and relaxing) Right now I'm not writing music at all because I'm dealing with stress and health issues. But because I can slavishly knit other people's designs--Miriam's shawl, a club sock--my knitting isn't stressing me out. I can still knit.

The odd thing is that I still feel creative. For some reason watching a pink and charcoal sock crawl off the needles feels creative, even though I didn't dye the yarn or design the pattern. I'm creating something out of nothing, a fabric out of string, clothing out of little nondescript balls of yarn. Wow! It makes me happy!

So what do you think? Is it OK if I'm just marginally creative? If you say yes, you can have one of my hard as a rock, 2-Weight-Watcher-point brownies. THOSE were a creative tour deforce.


Terri hat gesagt…
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Terri hat gesagt…

Being a creative person does not mean that you have to be totally original in all things at all times. We pick and chose.

For a time I was working my own patterns. Not now. Now I am happy that someone else has done the math and I can still be enchanted by the thing coming off my needles.

Someday it may change. Someday I may actually submit that book. Right now I am good. And yes, I do know how hard it is to find a good violist.

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Terri hat gesagt…

Musician yes, string player, no.

Tola hat gesagt…

following the pattern is just as creative as not, IMHO. keep your brownies, i wouldnt want to deprive you!

tapmouse hat gesagt…

Yes Tan, I can agree with you-but I'll skip the brownie!-lol! I don't consider myself to be creative all the time, though I sometimes secretly pat myself on the back for the rare instances when creativity comes forth (usually under pressure like when I have to get something done with limited time and materials...)

I really don't think true creativity can be forced nor that it consistently comes forth in only one area of our lives. It just happens.



yarnmaniac hat gesagt…

There are two kinds of creativity: one is executing a pattern someone else wrote, the other is making your own patterns. I was a singer but I never wrote my own music. I still felt pretty damn creative doing it. I feel the same with knitting. You are still creating a knitted item.


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