Donnerstag, Jänner 04, 2007

This Snow's for You!

For all you folks out there who are wishing for snow, here's a virtual tour of our snowstorm (click the thumbnails for larger pix):

. . . It starts out slow

. . . one flake at a time . . .

. . . and then it dumps all over you . . .

I spent most of my day cleaning my office, since school is going to start on Monday and I can't stand to come in here to do homework with papers stacked everywhere. Plus I keep finding good things, like yarn stashed in bookcases and long-missing patterns.

I did go out and run the snowblower, walk Trusty and take pictures, make fresh bread in the breadmaker, and deliver shovels and cat litter to motorists stuck on the steep hill in front of our house. I also told them a better route to take next time (1800 S or 400 N if you happen to be in Bountiful, Utah on a snowy day).

Last night I test drove Artisan Laceweight Merino in "Wedgewood" on the Hidcote Garden shawl. We have a weiner winner!

My next plan is to wedge(wood) in next to Trusty in front of the fireplace

and start stringing beads for my Winter's Eve socks (check them out here). I hope you have fun enjoying the virtual snow. The real thing is COLD!


Margene hat gesagt…

This morning is so beautiful. It's like a living Ansel Adams photo. I'm a little bit farther along with the Hidcote shawl than you are. Isn't it an exceptional pattern? So, so pretty

Terri hat gesagt…

Hi Tan,
The shawl is beautiful and it looks like a lot of people are knitting it. Where did the pattern come from?

Tan hat gesagt…

Thanks! The Hidcote Garden shawl is from and the knitalong for it is at The pattern designer had another shawl, Icarus, in the Summer IK. It was made famous on the Yarn Harlot's blog.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Hidcote is gorgeous!

L-B hat gesagt…

You definitely picked the right color for the shawl! It's beautiful!

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