Montag, Jänner 29, 2007

Mozart had a nice party

Saturday was the big day; I got started cooking around 9:00 a.m. after sending the houseguests off to snowboard and run around Salt Lake. (To give Cherry credit, she picked up a number of menu items at Siegfried's Deli before going back to Brighton to pick up Rob.)

Faced with a phenomenal pile of onions to slice

I needed a little moral support. I put on the Dennis Brain recording of the Mozart horn concerti, and a wet bandit mask in hopes of keeping onion out of my sinusses.

I don't think the Dennis Brain CD is still available, but I would trust Barry Tuckwell if you want to pick up the horn concerti.

Trusty appeared to like the horn concerti.

Dennis did not quite outlast the onion cooking. I tried turning on the radio and got Vivaldi. On Mozart's birthday? What were they thinking!

Wanting something a little more long-lasting to get me through the rest of the cooking, I selected the Bryn Terfel Don Giovanni.

This turned out to have been a mistake as the day went on, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The cooking went on until around 2:00 p.m. I've documented the whole Gulasch process. In addition to the Gulasch, I also cooked chicken paprika:

My brother says that with all that paprika in the air, it ought to have been Bartok's birthday party.

The cooking was finished in time for me to sit quietly and listen to the Best Part of Don Giovanni, where the ghost of the man the Don murders in the first scene comes to dinner and takes him down to Hell. Since it's my favorite part I was all alight with anticipation. Imagine my surprise when the Don blandly commented, "Ah," and then again, "Ah." I swear, there is supposed to be some DRAMA involved in this scene; some REACTION; some ANGUISH! I was CRUELLY DISAPPOINTED and went off to the shower to wash all that onion out of my hair, where it had settled when it found it was unable to get up my nose.

I called Chris, who's sung the role, and he said it's up to the director whether he wants DRAMA and ANGUISH or just the note Mozart wrote. He suggested I try a Cesare Sieppi version, so I ordered two with my last shopping coupon. They should be here tomorrow. This was the first year in ages that I hadn't ordered a new Mozart CD in celebration; I was going to listen from stash, so to speak. But I couldn't do it. Every year, another Mozart CD.

I did not get any knitting time in, but while in the shower I did calculate at what point my shawl will be half done. Since I am not that good at math my calculations may not be precise, but they're close enough for me. I think it's half done at about the end of Chart 7. Since I am only halfway through Chart 5 and the KnitALong goal is the end of February, I need to hop along a little more rapidly if I'm going to finish in time. Not that it really matters, but hey.

The party was a hoot. We didn't listen to any more Mozart. After my Bitter Disappoint with Don Giovanni, I just wasn't in the mood. Besides, there were a number of children among the guests, so we had the beginning of Wizard of Oz, through "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and then, because Celia didn't realize anyone was watching it, we switched to Cars. Lots of people brought food, which always helps when the terminally disorganized try to cook for the masses.

This really was a lot of Gulasch

The Spaetzele has to be made at the last minute

Teri Jo made two beautiful Strudel

Laurel brought rolls, but I didn't photograph them.

As usual Mozart didn't show up, but I'm sure he felt appreciated.

Celia made the birthday cake


Joanne hat gesagt…

Everything was delicious, Tan. If I could vote for your spaetzele in someway meaningful, I would :)

Katie hat gesagt…

Splendid! I would, however, recommend a food processor for the onion chopping, if it's at all possible.

LexyKnits hat gesagt…

It would have taken me all day to do those onions... I'm such a wimp!

Thanks for stopping by to comment. I could not find a link for the bacon song but I'll do some more digging and see what I can get for ya.

It is really quite the brain worm isn't it?

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