Freitag, Jänner 19, 2007

Mea culpa, mea culpa

Mea maxima culpa--

OK, so Baby Arwen gets to Portland yesterday. Emi likes it and tries it on immediately. And guess what. The sleeves are too long! Yes! All that work I did to make them longer was the actual mistake, not the original sleeve cast-on.


Emi is wearing it with the cuffs rolled up. At least the cuffs are reversible.

I had the measurements. I should have trusted the measurements. Luke! Use the measurements! At the very least, if I was going to hold the sleeves up to the baby, couldn't I at least have also held up the BACK of the sweater, too? As in, duh, it's a drop shoulder design.

This is not why I'm all guilty and seeking penance, though. No. Baby Arwen was just stupidity. I am guilty because despite proclaiming my intention to Knit from Stash in 2007 I have been buying yarn.

Briar Rose Heritage #9007
100% Wensleydale Wool; 25 sts/4" on US #5

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There's more coming. Of course some of it is sock yarn, and the original plan allowed sock yarn because (chant it with me) Sock yarn isn't stash. But since buying sock yarn is the main way I am bankrupting my family, it might have been a good idea not to buy that, either.

Why have I been so bad? Part of it is Blue Moon Fiber Arts's fault. They finally went live with more of their product line in more colors. I tried extremely hard not to buy Geisha. Geisha is not sock yarn. Same with Seduction,* although I did knit my mom's Christmas socks in it.

* The photo on BMFA's website does not do this yarn justice. It gleams.

The other people at fault for tempting me back to my evil ways are podcasters. I only just discovered podcasting and I have to make up for lost time. Of course I knew podcasts existed. I just didn't have an MP3 player. I could only watch Let's Knit2gether on the computer. But now I have an iPod, and gradually I've noticed people mentioning this or that podcast on their blogs. The Briar Rose Heritage is the fault of Cast On. A lot of sock yarn that's coming is the fault of Lime & Violet (including two skeins of purple and green from various places--more detail when it comes). Yes. I am such a crowd follower. A sheep, in fact.

And I don't even remember who was talking about Malabrigo. Maybe Knitty D and the City. Maybe everyone. How did I miss Malabrigo? You don't need to go to Malabrigo, or Webs or More Than Yarn or anyone else who sells Malabrigo. This is not the yarn you want. Move along.

It's not like I don't have anything else to knit. There's this skein of Fyberspates sock yarn that I bought on eBay before Christmas when I didn't have time to knit. While I was taking breaks from Christmas shopping online, I yarn shopped.

100 gm sock yarn; color "September"

And I already have two skeins of this lovely Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 Sock. I got it from the above-mentioned More Than Yarn. That one is Stephanie's fault because she is such a wool-pig over it and that makes me think it must be good so I have to have some.

100 % washable merino wool; colorway "Seashore"

And I ordered some cashmere blend from Knitpicks to knit a scarf for Kendra, the soprano who autographed my Christmas needles. But that was not a sin, because it was a gift and gift knitting is on the allowed list.

Well, what can I say. I bought it and I'm trying to be sorry. L-B in Virginia has given me a penance. I have to knit for four hours before I can look at Blue Moon's website again. I have about another half hour of knitting to go on that, L-B.


margene hat gesagt…

Sweaters look cute with rolled cuffs. It will be fine.
OMG, I would LOVE Geisha...the color and name both speak to me. You bought some very nice yarns, m'lady. Just say no to yarn diets!m

LB in VA hat gesagt…

Okay, make that 72,895 hours of knitting since you put unbearable, new temptation in my path, as well! Resisting,resisting....

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