Mittwoch, Jänner 03, 2007

Knitting woes

Man, sometimes I think NOTHING gonna come out right.

There's Baby Arwen. Previously: I make a mistake in casting on the sleeves, knitted in one piece with the front; the sleeves are 3" too short. I steek along the sleeve edges and cut them off.

This week's episode: I knit inserts and stitch them on as invisibly as I can, but the thickness of the steek and the seaming come out, well, ugly.

Luckily Gail still has yet another skein of Colinette Cadenza in "Mist." They're UPSing it to me tomorrow. Is UPS a verb yet? So the new plan is to start over on the sleeves. The new skein and what's left of the one they sent me last month should be enough.

Today I started the Hidcote shawl using the Great Adirondacks yarn that I actually have enough of. Despite the wonderful, rich mocha color, I'm not happy. It's too heavy for this project. It looks like string, not silk.

So then I went to plan B, Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace in "Mineshaft."

It's a little more variegated than I had in mind. Not sure I'm happy with this, either.

You gotta understand, I'm not a swatcher. I seriously think I'm starting this shawl every time. I love the weight and texture of Helen's Lace, but I'm afraid it's too variegated and will obscure the lace pattern.

Now what?

By the way, at one point I thought I might knit this shawl for my mother. In thinking about it, I decided my mother wouldn't even wear a shawl, and if she did she would probably ignite herself trying to take stuff out of the oven while wearing it. So I'm not going to knit her a shawl. She has enough trouble avoiding being ignited, what with burning her trash with a flame thrower out in the sagebrush.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode, in which I hit the stash to see what else is down there.

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