Donnerstag, Jänner 25, 2007

I think I'm awake now

I'm pretty sure now that I survived Christmas. The tree has gone to the storage unit, and none too soon. Amber and I wrangled it into a number of garbage bags (Lime n Violet! Tree Wrangling!), borrowed a truck, and dropped it off before taking a bunch of stuff to the dump. Dead microwave; dead breadmaker; dead mattresses; dead grill.

Christmas is over; now it's time for Mozart's Birthday on Saturday, which we've celebrated for the past 30 some odd years with food (naturally). The menu always centers around Gulasch at our house, but we have other stuff as well. Cherry is flying in tomorrow night for the event. Her friend Rob is coming to ski. Cherry thinks we are going to listen to German Goth CDs. I think we are going to watch Star Wars in German. Remember the region-free DVD player? Only now it's if you want the DVD.

I'm making slow but steady progress on three knitting projects, with a daily rotation schedule. Today is Scarf Day. This is the newest project, and is useful for Big Yarn Relief from Tiny Yarn Projects.

The pattern is Dawn Brocco's Double Knot Cable Scarf. The yarn is KnitPicks's Panache in Cloud. I'm knitting it for Kendra Herrington on the very needles she used in the opera in December. Like a souvenir, you know?

I worked like a dog on the Hidcote Garden Shawl yesterday to get onto Chart 5.

Once I finish Chart 5 I will at least be onto the next segment of the design and feel as if I am making progress. I'm not sure I have the right personality to be in a KnitALong for a triangular shawl that gets bigger as you go. In the past I've knitted rectangular shawls, or the kind of square shawl where you knit miles of edging, then pick up billions of stitches and knit in the round, decreasing every other row until you have four stitches, and Bob's your uncle. I'm the kind of person who had to pass my beginning swimming class (in college; long story) by diving into the deep end and swimming towards the shallow end. If I swam towards the deep end I panicked and sank.

I may not be smart enough to knit the Winter's Eve socks. I can't tell you how many times I've misread the chart (now you decrease every row, not every other row, you dolt! No! Those are knit, not purl!) and had to frog back. Not to mention having to move over all the unused beads because Che bit off my yarn. But I'm at least on the heel now.

I have made one change to the pattern; I started with the medium size chart, using slightly larger needles that I bought by mistake (I should write these things down before hitting the shops). At the end of the first chart I decreased to match the small size chart. My legs are fat but my ankles are not so much; kind of the Popeye effect for legs, or something.

It's very tempting to start the Tube Sock kit I just got from BMFA, but I'm resisting. Having too many projects going at once waters down my progress. If I start them and then put them aside, they won't feel fun and new any more, but will feel more like one more UFO.

The three projects I'm rotating, plus Paul's second Trekking sock for outings, are working pretty well. The shawl is so overwhelming that I can't work on it every day. I'd like to finish Winter's Eve by Valentine's Day--or at least by the time the next club kit comes. And the scarf, as I said, gives me a break from tiny yarn.

Time to go finalize my grocery list and get beds ready for out-of-town guests. I like Mozart's Birthday. It has all the benefits of Christmas (family, friends, food, fun, music) without the expense.

And no, Howard, I am not putting 251 candles on the cake. It nearly burned the house down the year we had 237.


Margene hat gesagt…

You mean I still have to knit through chart 5 before Hidcote changes? I'm on chart 4 and had hope this was the end...ah well, it's fun knitting. I could barely fit 56 candles on MY cake last year. How on earth did you get 237!? Have a great celebration. I'll fill my weekend with Mozart, too.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Did we really get 237? I thought we were more like halfway to his actual age when we gave up on the candles. Though I can't really remember--I won't argue with anyone who feels sure of their facts.

Tan hat gesagt…

Now see, anonymous, I don't know which one you are so I can't email you! No, we didn't get anywhere NEAR all the candles on. I don't remember how many we actually got. Sorry to be imprecise. I did BUY the 237 or 239 or however many it was, but no, we did not get anywhere near all of them on the cake.

Tola hat gesagt…

I read your comment on Mason-Dixon about knitting in church. I commented too. I think we must attend the same denomination! Glad to know I am not the only "heathen" in Utah!!

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