Montag, Jänner 22, 2007

Great minds . . .

I'm not the only person who thought Arwen would make a great baby sweater. Check this out!

In other news, I've decided that my pets are getting too uppity or something. On Saturday night Trusty decided to go for a run without me. In the snow. I caught him before he got to the neighbors' house, but it was exhausting and annoying. Note to Paul: finish the fence, please.

When I came in from Trusty-wrangling I found that Cesare had bitten off my Winter's Eve yarn, right below where the unused half of the 200+ beads were strung. I was home alone so I don't think anyone heard my scream of rage and frustration. It took a whole episode of Torchwood* to get them transferred to the yarn still attached to the ball.

Method: Tie a piece of sewing thread around one cut end yarn using very tight little square knot. Tie the other end of the piece of thread in the same way to the other cut end of yarn. The beads come off the one end easily, but you have to niggle (in the nice sense of the word) them over the doubled thread as they go onto the new strand.

To top it off, what did I find in my room when I finally tottered off to bed?

I have several ideas on what to do about this.

1. Send it home with Celia to be untangled. She insists she likes to untangle yarn.
2. Buy another skein; it turns out BMFA will sell more of the club yarns to club members.
3. Chop it up into little bits and card it into some wool and and spin it and have a completely different yarn
4. Throw it away and knit kid socks with the remaining half of the yarn
5. Strangle Che with it

As far as I know, Torchwood isn't available in the US yet except if you order it from Amazon UK and play it on a region-free DVD player.

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L-B hat gesagt…

I'm with Celia. I find untangling yarn very meditative--like walking a labyrinth. But, Che--you were very naughty!

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