Montag, Jänner 15, 2007

Farewell to Baby Arwen

Here she is, all put together:

And now she has been shipped off to Portland where it's snowing, and Emerald will enjoy wearing the hood in the house.

I guess part of the reason for all the whining about Baby Arwen is that I am really not a sweater knitter. I have only knitted seven sweaters in over 40 years of knitting. In the ten years I've been knitting addictively I've knitted the Alice Starmore St. Brigid for myself (4 years); the Alice Starmore Grapevine Cardigan for Cherry (2 months); a Dale of Norway sweater with a gardening theme for Piper (1 year of procrastination and 2 weeks of marathon knitting); a Dale one-piece thingie that was a sweater with legs for Archer, only it took so long to finish that Graeme ended up with it (2 years); Dale sweaters for Howard and Sharman while they were on their missions (18 months each; only Sharman said hers was too baggy and scratchy, so it's in a drawer waiting for something, I don't know what); a Dale sweater for Paul (a couple of months). I can't think of any more. Family members, feel free to remind me.

Oh yeah, back in the 70's when my sister-in-law and I were trying to knit things to sell on consignment, I knitted a baby sweater. And I did an odd hybrid thing for a neighbor, where I knitted the plain part of a Dale sweater on a USM knitting machine and then switched to hand knitting for the pattern part.

Anyway, the whole thing of having the sleeves the same size as each other and having the whole thing fit is intimidating for me.

I spent the whole evening yesterday toasting my toes by the fire while working on Winter's Eve. I frogged what I had done on Sunday evening after reading people's posts on the Rockin' Sock Club KAL about yarn amounts and foot sizes (and today I learned that club members can get more of the club yarns so I ordered more). I had started it in the small size, but have frogged that and switched to the medium. I'm going to decrease back down to the small as I reach the ankle.

It was really the Hidcote Shawl's turn to be knitted. However, I was practically sitting in the fireplace while outdoors the temperature was hovering around 0 degrees F. I just couldn't enjoy working on a shawl the color of flax flowers and robin's eggs when Winter's Eve, glowing darkly red with beads like embers buried in its ribbing, was taunting me.


margene hat gesagt…

Baby Arwen looks fabulous!! Nice color, too. Your sock looks fabulous. I'm just a wee bit too lazy to string all the beads for that one.

Anonym hat gesagt…

You made a sweater for Quinn too, when he was 3 (natural with red and blue accents and animal buttons), and also that ballet wrap for Piper. Hey, and you made me the stripy orange and green and red fuzzy sweater--I have no idea what the yarn is, but it's very warm. So that brings you up to 10 sweaters. If you don't count the black baby jumper. (I guess a dress isn't the same as a sweater exactly.)

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