Samstag, Jänner 13, 2007

The Baby Arwen story

Yes. Baby Arwen is on the lovely blocking board that my mother ordered from the Needlepoint Joint for my birthday. I was nervous about wet-blocking something still on the needles waiting to be grafted, so I grafted the sleeve cuffs before blocking. I knitted a couple of rows of waste yarn at the top of the hood with the idea of doing Lucy Neatby's grafting method (on her Knitting Essentials 2 DVD), so felt OK about blocking the fronts and hood flat.

By the time I was doing the last sleeve rows I was getting pretty tired of Baby Arwen. I even muttered to myself that it wasn't fun. And by that point it wasn't. The problem? The constant cabling.

The thing that made me want to knit the Arwen pattern (from Interweave Knits Winter 2006) was, of course, the cabling. It's reversible. Check out this link. I had to log in to get to the picture, so it may not work if you haven't created a membership at I hope it works.

Anyway. To review, the way the designer made the cabling reversible was to cable the purl stitches as well as the knit stitches. Also, because the design is woven, every right-side row is a pattern row. Let's just say it didn't go very fast. And to make it worse, I was knitting pretty tightly. I had to in order to maintain a gauge that would let me use the stitch counts from the adult pattern in a baby-sized sweater (I used a pattern I made with Sweater Wizard for the lengthwise measurements).

The thing that saved my sanity was that I didn't use a cable needle. My personal belief is that using a cable needle doubles the time spent on each cross. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. To try it yourself, check out my step-by-step walk-through here.

Would I knit this sweater again? Probably so. I love it.

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Terri hat gesagt…

THANK YOU!!! for the close up non cable needle cabling. I have been working with this for awhile but was freaking out every time I had to let those unworked stiches hang there. Use a pinch!!!! Thank you!!!
Terri aka dandelion

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