Montag, Dezember 11, 2006

Yip yip yipee!

We woke to a lovely fall of snow this morning.

Paul proclaimed the new snow blower a success when he was able to clear a path through slush past the mailbox. Trusty is usually excited about snow, but today's big interest was a dead plant he pulled up and carried around the yard.

More Trusty and Che pictures

I had a successful day, too. I finally finished the Christmas stockings!

And the hats!

The hats are in the mail, but I didn't have time to wrap the stockings. I'll do that next, and take them to the post office late at night when no one else is there . . . to the Automatic Postal Center.

I don't want anyone there to see me after I tied up the line for 20 minutes getting $23 in real stamps on a package going to a child in England. Plus, if no one else is there, THERE WON'T BE A LINE, WILL THERE???!!! One can only hope.

Incidentally, these are the stockings I knitted last year, for my daughter's family:


I hope no one things Vegas and Cash are kids' names.

All are knitted from the Wool You Order "Baker's Dozen" pattern. I had to come up with my own Grinch and basketball designs, and took the leg and foot designs on the dog stockings (the last two) from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road.

I was especially proud of the dog stockings, since I managed them out of leftovers from the others. I used an idea from Renaissance music composition, the talea and color of the isorhythmic motet. My "color," or melody, was the star pattern from Nancy Bush's design. My "talea," or rhythm, was the stripe pattern, which had a different row repeat to that of the stars. I think it makes the stars look like falling snowflakes.

Although nothing beats the real thing.

And now: to pack for my trip to Oregon. I'll let you know how it goes.

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