Sonntag, Dezember 03, 2006

Now What???

All my concerts are over. I have been practicing four instruments as hard as I can for about a month, going to extra rehearsals, working hard with my piano students, giving extra lessons. I played my hard organ piece two weeks ago. My students' recital was yesterday morning, and early music ensemble yesterday afternoon. I'm done! The stuff for Christmas is easy. All I have to do is organize and run through preludes and hymns for each Sunday as it comes up.

The tree is up and decorated.

I really like the kids' attitude towards tree decorating. My mother used to rearrange the ornaments after we got done. But how can I improve on this masterpiece?

Although I still have another day's worth of decorations to fling around the house, I can take my time with it.

So now what? Do I get to knit? My take-along project is a pair of entrelac hats for my sister and niece. But I don't want to knit on those at home!

I still have one Christmas stocking to knit for the Las Vegas family. And I'm stuck. I don't want to knit another Christmas stocking, and I'm tired of red and green. I want to knit 8 or 9 pairs of mittens in Mountain Colors Twizzle.

I want to knit a the Arwen hoodie from IK in the Colinette Cadenza I bought in Vegas,

scaling it down to a baby size (the difference in gauge should let me knit the second size and have it fit a 2-year-old as long as I use an actual size 2 pattern to calculate the lengths).

I want to knit sideways socks in chicken yarn.

I want to knit Mim's Seraphim shawl for my mom.

OK. All that stressing out over performances has made me suspicious about deciding what I want to do without prioritizing. Duty calls. I'm going to go start that other Christmas stocking.

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