Dienstag, Dezember 05, 2006

More decorating

I'm not one of those people who goes all out for Christmas decorating. I throw a garland on the china cabinet:

These guys live up there year 'round, but they appreciate the lighted greenery for a month out of the year.

I put up a wreath.

Every year I go to Sax Romney on 11th E and tell Sean what I want, and every year he exceeds my expectations. My favorite wreath, two years ago, was a square one made of bamboo with some silver and blue ornaments tied on. Only the next year when I looked for it to have it redone, it was nowhere to be found. "What," said Paul, "Do you mean that weird thing that made the neighbors think that Satan worshipers lived here?" So now I get something a little more Bountiful-Utah-looking. The theme for this wreath is the Michael Bourne production of the Nutcracker ballet, which has wonderful costumes and a slightly enhanced plot (I love the little problem-solving cupids in pajamas).

Although it's probably silly to have two completely different wreaths right next to each other, I also put a branchy sort of re-useable wreath on the front window. This wreath is the only lighted thing on the front of our house.

Contrast my house

with my neighbors' house:

and that's just their front yard!

I hang stockings on the stair rail instead of the fireplace because we don't have a mantlepiece.

Dang, that garland looks a little sparse. Maybe it needs a friend.

By the way, I only knitted stockings for the kids who were still living at home that year. There should be two more, but you know how it goes.

Speaking of Christmas stockings . . .

I would have got more done if I hadn't twisted my cast-on and been obliged to start over . . .

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