Dienstag, Dezember 19, 2006

Just to tide me over until Christmas . . .

. . . Blue Moon came through with my last Rockin' Sock Club package of 2006:

The Oh-Too-Gorgeous garnet red yarn is the club offering, Mustang Sally ("ride, Sally, ride!"). The woodsy, Legolas-colored yarn is my "Rare Gem." That's the name Tina gave her dying "mistakes." This one doesn't look like a mistake to me. I love it!

I also got an Honorable Mention for the knitted chicken I sent to Scappoose:

There isn't a pattern, sorry. I made it up as I went. It's done in Rhode Island Red sock candy. I had originally planned on making it dishcloth size, but my attention span wasn't up to that. But it's dishcloth width!

Our Big Sleepover has started. Sharman and crew arrived last night, and of course Howard and Amber have been here since the weekend. The biggest source of excitement is trying to keep Trusty from licking little people in the face. Most of their faces are right at lick level.

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Margene hat gesagt…

Saw your name in print yesterday;-)
Congratulations! My 'mistake' is a completely different color than yours.

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