Mittwoch, Dezember 13, 2006

I love Portland!

On Tuesday I went to the opera. On Wednesday I went to Knit Purl. What's not to love?

The opera was super. I saw/heard my son-in-law, Chris Clayton, in the title role of Monteverdi's "Return of Ulysses." I had never been to a live performance of a Baroque opera, so it would have been exciting even if there wasn't a family member in the cast. The conductor directed from the harpsichord, and the space was small and personal. Chris was just incredible, both singing and acting!

This was opera with a knitting theme. Penelope (mezzo Kendra Herrington--I think she was perfect) ripped out knitting instead of the traditional weaving, and attempted suicide with what looked like a pair of Clover #10 straight needles. It just killed me to sit there without my camera, but Chris threatened warned me not to bring it.

I did take a camera to Knit Purl. No yarn research should go unpublished. They have wonderful window displays, but my photos won't upload. You'll just have to go there yourself and see them.

We were greeted by the incredibly helpful and enthusiastic Terrisa

who took me on a tour of Knit Purl's exotic wonders while Sharman expertly managed her kids ("let's pretend to take naps under the table"). I saw display after display of yarns that are hard to find elsewhere, especially all in one shop: Tilli Thomas, Art Yarns, Handmaiden, Habu Textiles,

Alchemy, Shibuiknits,


plus less exotic stuff such as Noro, Rowan and Debbie Bliss.

I know, I know, to a lot or us those are exotic yarns.

I met Darcy Cameron, the owner of and genius behind Knit Purls. You go, girl!

I got the most amazing stuff.

Er, well, this is one of those really elegant places where they wrap the skeins in tissue so they won't fight in the bag on their way home. And this bag of treasures is my Christmas gift from Paul. It would be Wrong to open the tissue and play with the yarn (and photograph it) before Christmas Morning. See me on Boxing Day.

OK, I will admit that I frantically peeked into the packets until I found my Sea Silk. I was worried that I had bought the sparkly Art Yarn lace-weight in darkest midnight blue (I'm going to knit a Queen of the Night shawl to wear to the opera) instead of Sea Silk. But my shopping sense had not failed me. They were both in there.

My daughter scoffed at my inability to re-wrap the packets so no one could tell they had been opened. She and her sister were champions at it.

I sort of went over the budget a little. Oops.

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