Dienstag, Dezember 19, 2006

Can't we just use ziplock bags?

Man, the gift-wrapping is starting to get to me. I wrapped all these gifts before I went to Portland, but I didn't put on the bows. Now I'm putting on the bows. Bows are made out of ribbon, and ribbon is a kind of string, like yarn, but boring. BORING! Maybe someone will come over and help me put on bows. Hint. Hint.

And why is it always my job to wrap the presents? Paul knows how to put on tape. He can tie bows. In fact, he can tie those stinkin' fancypants doctor knots where you don't wish you had someone to put their finger on the knot while you tie it.

The worst year was when I decided to wrap everything in tissue paper and stick them shut with sealing wax. This was before the invention of hot glue sealing wax. Can you imagine how long that took? They looked incredibly cool, though. I should have taken pictures.

When I get sick of putting on bows, I work on Baby Arwen. It was a little complicated to do both fronts at once with the short-row sleeve shaping. Now it's three inches or so of straight knitting. If I get to it.

Oh well. At least Che is helping.

I promise, as long as I'm putting ribbon on packages, this is how Che can help most.


Margene hat gesagt…

I'm shocked that Che is sleeping through all that fun! Have a very Merry Christmas, Tan and thank you for your lovely email.

L-B hat gesagt…

I've been tying some presents with Rockin's Sock Club leftovers! Plain gold wrapping with Blue Moon yarn is beautiful,especially the Rainforest Jasper! Have a joy-filled Christmas and a very merry New Year, Tan!

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