Montag, Dezember 18, 2006

Baby Arwen

It's like living in the napping house.

They've been this way all morning. Is it the Christmas music?

However, it's the quiet before the storm. So to speak. My daughter and her husband and three kids are on the road from Portland for the Christmas vacation. My son and his wife are already living in our basement, waiting for their house to be built. They're both at work and their 2-year-old is playing with cousins. I'm alternating between final gift wrapping, cleaning, and working on Baby Arwen.

I'm knitting the Arwen Cardigan from the Winter Interweave Knits in a baby size. I found that with the gauge I'm getting (this is the Colinette Cadenza I bought at Gail Knits in Vegas last month) I can use the instructions for the smallest size. Of course I'm using a kid-sized pattern for the length-wise measurements.

I worked a Very Large Swatch the sweater back on the plane, finishing it on Wednesday. I had a setback when I realized the chart was not totally readable in the instructions I had photocopied so as not to risk losing my copy of the magazine. I made a guess and kept knitting, but when I bought a new copy of the magazine on Friday it turned out I had guessed wrong about which way the reverse stockinette cables were supposed to twist. Luckily I had only done a couple of repeats.

The clever thing about this pattern is that the cable panels are reversible (that's the point of the reverse stockinette bits).

Of course it would show better in a less mottled yarn. But this was the yarn I wanted to use, and the pattern I wanted to try, right?

Back to work.

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