Dienstag, Dezember 26, 2006

And now the loot!

We had a GREAT Christmas! Hope you did, too.

So yesterday I finally got to play with the yarn I bought in Portland. Turbo kindly allowed me to include Christmas loot in her photo session this afternoon, but as far as she is concerned this is all about her.

The most daring purchase (because I don't wear glitz well) was Blue Heron's Rayon Metallic in "Deep Space." I am calling it "Queen of the Night" because I plan to knit a throw to wear to the opera in May.

550 yards/8 oz. skein; laceweight

I also got Fleece Artist's Handmaiden Cashmere (Toque pattern included). The colorway appears to be "Bronze," although mine has more blue in it than the website shows.

100 % cashmere, 170 m/50 g skein; 22 sts/4 " on 4 mm needles

I was a little disappointed that Knit Purl didn't carry Fleece Artist sock yarns, so while I was shopping I had consoled myself with two skeins of ShibuiKnits Sock. You can't really call these a consolation prize, though. They're gorgeous!
Tropic (left) and Pebble

100 % merino superwash, 350 yds/1.75 oz. skein; 7.5 sts/in. on 2.75 mm needles

There were too many incredible Alchemy yarns to choose from. I got Haiku (top) in Aubergine and Bamboo in Montreat Path.

Haiku: 40% silk 60% mohair, 325 yds/25 g. skein; 5sts/in on US #7 needles(laceweight)
Bamboo: 100% bamboo, 150 yds/50 g. skein; 6 sts/in on US #5 needles

The yarn I was most dying to see was Handmaiden Sea Silk. Everyone blogs about it. Everyone raves about it. Now I know why. It was also the most raved about here on Christmas morning by the knitters in the group. It has such a beautiful sheen that it almost glows from inside. This colorway is Sangria.

70% silk, 30% seacell (a seaweed product); 400 m/100 g.; 28 sts/4" on 3 mm needles (laceweight)

However, there was a knit-related surprise amongst the packages. Sharman and Chris had warned me that my gift from them was cooler than the autographed opera poster they got for his parents. Sure enough, it was WAY cooler! I got the ACTUAL KNITTING NEEDLES used in the opera,

autographed by the ACTUAL MEZZO who sang Penelope, Kendra Herrington.

Now I just need to get a photo from the opera of the suicide scene (with these exact needles!). Chris says there is one. I'll post it when I get it. Apparently acquiring the needles involved a formal request to the properties master, who said (naively) "Sure, they're just knitting needles." A lot he knows.

Incidentally, they are not Clover #10s, so I was wrong about that. They are 7 mm, which is between 10 1/2 and 11, with no brand marking. They have a round wood-bead end.

Nevertheless, the biggest surprise of all on Christmas was not knitting related.

I thought we had decided that tenor recorders were too expensive. I was not expecting a musical instrument at all. I love it! Paul found it online through Lazar's Early Music, where the owner was really knowledgeable and a lot of help. Neither Paul nor I know anything about recorders; I've only been playing for a year and half. This is the Küng Recorders Superio cherrywood tenor, from Switzerland. It has the most beautiful sound.

And one nice thing about wood recorders: you can only practice them for about an hour a day, or they get soggy. Too bad there isn't some kind of limiting factor on harps, pianos, and organs.

Turbo approves

I did get lots of other great stuff, including a clean sweep on "The Pianst"--book, movie, and CD; more books; a beautiful Norwegian sweater; a Cross pen and pencil set, and on and on. And my mom ordered a Space Board for my birthday; it's waiting at Needlepoint Joint for me to pick it up. Maybe tomorrow?

So I'm having fun, and I hope you are too. Happy Boxing Day, Happy New Year, and Happy anything else wonderful you have going on!


L-B hat gesagt…

You got the coolest prezzies I've seen so far! Much to enjoy in the New Year!

margene hat gesagt…

Oh my! You are one spoiled grrl. So many beautiful yarns...ShibuiKnits colors are fabulous. I'd love to hear you play the recorder. Your new acquisition must sound rich! Nice work on behalf of you family. It really couldn't be a more perfect Christmas, could it?
Oh my and your birthday is coming, too! Is there more?

KnitNana hat gesagt…

WOW...that's some haul..and Turbo is just such a beautiful Tabby! I love her necklaces...such a pretty face!
And I've added you to Hidcote KAL! Welcome!

Theresa hat gesagt…

What a fabulous collection of fun new yarns to try! Enjoy!

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