Donnerstag, November 02, 2006

While you were sleeping

Or at least while my internet was sleeping . . .

I finished the Pomatomus socks:

Of course they didn't exactly match. One is skinnier, so has a longer toe section. Not frogging, nope. Mom won't care. In fact I don't think she'll notice.

I started the Urban Bubble Scarf in Rooster Rock:

This is the cutest yarn! Look at it in the ball:

Doesn't it just look as if it were spun out of feathers? It sort of looks like a chicken! The reason is that it's what I would call tail-spun--instead of being a solid, hairy thread, little flags of mohair are caught at intervals and stream out like little, er, feathers:

Extreme close-up

Fun! Interesting!

Since I was thinking about chickens, and having a discussion with Nancy about my inability to knit dishcloths, I tried a chicken dishcloth in Blue Moon Sock Candy Rhode Island Red:

It would have been bigger, but I got sick of knitting straight garter stitch. See, I really can't knit a dishcloth. Of course it would have looked less like a chicken if it had been more dishcloth-sized. This will be a gift. I might knit more of them.

My club kit from the Blue Moon club came:

I'm mainly into Christmas knitting right now, though, and I want to keep the socks I knit from this yarn. So I'm not casting on immediately.

And I got my first sample of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Earth (top) and Serengeti:

I'm taking Paul's toe-up Trekking sock

to work on between rehearsals this morning (9:00 a.m. harp duo; 10:30 a.m. Dido). He has such high arches that I frogged back an inch and a half so I could put in a 19-stitch gusset. I'll use a version of Cat Bordhi's heel from the fall Vogue to get rid of the extra stitches after the heel turn. It's half short-row heel and half regular, top-down heel. Then once I get the details right and don't have to keep making him try them on, I'll switch to his Christmas socks in Bearfoot.

Hmmm. I get more done when the internet is down, don't I?


margene hat gesagt…

I LOVE the new STR color and cast on for the sock last night! It's a fun and intersting pattern but mine doesn't look like the picture at all! I love it however.

L-B hat gesagt…

Love your Pomatomus socks,Tan! But I really did not need to see the Blue Moon mohair! Whimper! ;-)

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