Mittwoch, November 29, 2006

what's going on here (or not)?

Sorry to leave you in the lurch, dear readers. My internet access is Mostly Dead, and when it does happen to be working, I have been Christmas shopping online instead of blogging.

Since I can't stay online long enough to upload pictures, do you want to look at someone else's pictures? Check out Cookie A's trip to Blue Moon Fiber Arts here.

I did some of my Christmas shopping here.

Stephanie aka the yarn harlot's devotion to Fleece Artist made me buy Seashore and Mahogany (scroll down a little) sock yarn from More Than Yarn. They sent me a free ball of Crystal Palace Squiggle. I don't know why, but it made me buy a second skein of Seashore sock yarn from them. I guess that's why.

Coming up in two weeks: another trip to Portland, hopefully with a stop at Knit Purl, where they actually carry Fleece Artist yarns. There will be pictures, if I have to load them one pixel at at time.

OK, maybe not if it's going to take that long. I have Christmas knitting to finish!

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