Donnerstag, Oktober 12, 2006

Weight Watchers Was Not Fun Today

I am not a happy camper. I gained more than half a pound. I did not get yarn. I need yarn. I don't want to knit anything else. I only want to knit the diet sweater. WAAAAAAH!

At least I know somebody loves me. I got this in today's mail:

Yes! It's more chicken yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, this time Henpecked Sock Candy. And I ordered the Bubble Scarf Kit in Rooster Rock.

Time to go starve and knit something other than the diet sweater.

P.S. The evening is picking up.

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margene hat gesagt…

The fire looks inviting. I eat so well, few snacks, or healthy snacks, small portions and few carbs. I still gain weight too easily. For me it's about walking, working out more. Why do we have to gain so much weight as we age!?

LOVE the new yarn.

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