Montag, Oktober 02, 2006

Waking to rain

It always startles me to look out in the morning and see clouds and a glitter of raindrops. Living in a desert makes a clear sunrise more the norm. If only I had brought in Trusty's dog bed that was drying on the deck . . .

It was another weekend in the car, a run up to Idaho to check on my parents. However this time, with Paul driving, I actually got to knit.

Choosing what to knit turned out to be an adventure. I had just finished the first Titania's Revenge and was having a bit of "second sock syndrome," so I grabbed one of my skeins of Blue Moon Seduction and ran downstairs to wind it while the designated driver took a nap.

About halfway through the job I glanced at the ball band to see what the washing instructions are for Seduction. I was kind of surprised to see that I was actually winding a ball of STR, not Seduction. Oops! I was positive I had three Seductions, but I was in a feeding frenzy when I grabbed those so who knows what I actually did. No time to wind another one, so I ran back upstairs and printed out Cookie A.'s Pomatomus sock from Knitty. I've been thinking I'd like to do that in a mostly solid yarn.

We finally got on the road and I cast on and started knitting. No way it was STR. It was Seduction. And of course I hadn't brought the shawl pattern, only the socks. So what's a girl to do? I knitted a gorgeous, shiny, swishy sock that my mother admired so extravagantly that I think it's become Christmas knitting.

I can still knit her a shawl with the other two Seductions. It's tempting to stick with this pattern, but I wouldn't get as much mileage out of the yarn since it's pretty solid knitting--more ribs than holes. Seraphim only wants 800-900 yards and I have 800.

The parental units were doing fine. Their cat needed washing

and their dog had had a wretched grooming job (necessitated by matting, apparently)

but everything else looked pretty normal

By missing Mackay Barbecue weekend I also missed the great colors on the side of the road. Only one of the "fall blooming" weeds still had its color. No idea what this weed is called, but it's beautiful.

On the way home I discovered that my Pomatomus pattern was missing the right hand edge. I didn't dare continue into the foot without being sure what the edge of Chart B really showed, so went back to Titania's Revenge for the last few miles.

When I got home I went downstairs and checked that ball band again. I had been looking at the one from Titania! The Seduction ballband was right there, too. The yarn wasn't mislabelled; I hadn't bought the wrong thing. I'm just brain dead. So my mom will have hand wash socks. Not a problem for her; she's Old School.

At this point I really need to start knitting my Have To stuff:

  • Christmas stockings for the my niece's husband and my nephew's bride

  • lace sampler

  • I hope I develop some willpower.

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